“Kick him in the Tweets” Launches INDIEGOGO Campaign

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – 23 Jan, 2017 – The online activist group, “Kick him in the Tweets”, chose the day of president-elect Trump’s inauguration to launch an INDIEGOGO crowdfunding campaign. Their stated goal is to put at least 2,000 IoT (Internet of Things) devices into the hands of individuals who may question—among other things—the legitimacy, the competency or the temperament of the 45th president of the United States of America.

The group is aiming to “drown out” Trump’s primary mouthpiece, his @realDonaldTrump Twitter account, by allowing people around the world to press a physical button which will automatically favorite and retweet a tweet from a curated collection, all of which will be satirical or critical of the newly-inaugurated US president, his administration, policies and behavior.

The device itself is a custom-printed version of a mobile-data-networked button produced by The Button Corporation (bt.tn), which itself ran a successful INDIEGOGO campaign in 2014. Backers of the new campaign will pay as little as $20 for their button, which will come with a SIM card and a very low cost data plan, starting at $4 per month and scaling down to $1 per month over 4 years.

“Millions of Americans who voted against Trump—along with millions living in America and around the world who weren’t able to vote—are going to have their lives affected by his presidency. We’re giving those people a voice and it’s one that we know he’ll hear, since he seems incapable of ignoring criticism on Twitter,” said the group’s spokesman, who tweets as @thePoetHeckler and is otherwise keeping a low profile, due to safety concerns. “Not to mention the millions who did vote for him and are now angry that he isn’t keeping his promises—foremost among them, to drain the swamp.”

The campaign will run for 30 days and if the funding goal of USD $50,000 is reached or surpassed, the plan is to continue to sell the buttons throughout Trump’s presidency.

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