Hiring Union Carpenters and Union Installers Makes Sense

There are many horror stories when it comes to the construction industry and if you don’t have your own, it is very likely that the person next to you can share his! Apparently most people think they are handy and feel once they have their set of tools from the local hardware store they can set out to fix the world.

When it comes to DIY and small projects most folks are fine tinkering around the house. However, when it comes to commercial work you need to be extremely careful about who does your finish carpentry and fixture installations. In commercial settings like retail stores, banks and hotels the general public is exposed to the workmanship of your projects. In addition to a shoddy job effecting your relationship with your client, it can also pose great liability issues.

Unlike their non-Union counterparts, Union Carpenters must serve a lengthy apprenticeship before they are qualified as a full service journeyman. This comprehensive training ensures that all crew members have the highest level of quality and professionalism on every project they undertake. Union carpenters are well trained to work quickly, accurately, and safely at all times. Many clients have discovered that while Union rates are higher than open-shop, the projects run more seamlessly and efficiently, thus actually saving money in the long run.

When our Union Installers are called into a retail store to install high end cabinetry or mill work, they are being entrusted with furnishings that often exceed tens of thousands of dollars. It makes greater sense to bring in our trained and well-insured crews as opposed to a local handyman who has limited experience in higher-end work and may possibly be under insured or not insured or licensed at all. Your reputation is on the line and your future with your clients.

For over 130 years the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, with over half a million members, has been a leader in training, educating and representing the future generations of construction professionals. You will find no group more committed to building relationships than a Union carpenter.

Throughout the country where Union crews are required for store fixture installation, finish carpentry or commercial flooring installations, Union Installers will work with you to mobilize a responsible and talented Union crew to work on your projects with you. Many of our clients are non-Union installation companies who need to staff with a Union crew and use our company’s resources.

Martin Chase is national Union Sales Director for Store Force, specializing in finish carpentry, fixture and mill work installations and commercial flooring. He can be reached at unioninstallers@gmail.com, tel: 631-672-3150

The company website is http://www.unioninstallers.com/




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