Rentalvest Selling Turn-Key Investment Properties With 20%+ Yearly Return

Leading real estate investment company RentalVest is offering turn-key investment properties at highly slashed rates with a whopping yearly return of 20%+. The company takes care of all property management & maintenance hassles.

Milwaukee, January 24, 2017: Good news for the aspiring real estate investors looking for passive income this New Year! Milwaukee-based real estate investment company RentalVest is offering turn-key investment properties at rock bottom prices with a whopping yearly return of 20%+. The company has revolutionized and simplified the property investment scene by enabling a convenient investment process to allow investors to invest from the comfort of their own home without any landlord headaches.

RentalVest sells Renovated, Rented and Cash Flowing Investment Properties. With more than 2 decades of combined experience in the real estate sector, the company has completed over 500 transactions by now and they are experts at sourcing, renovating, and renting residential real estate.



“Finding a good passive-income avenue is always one of the most common New Year resolutions. Our forte lies in offering turn-key residential income-producing properties in selected American markets that will reward you with excellent yearly returns. What separates us from other realty investment companies is that we not only assure high ROI, but also sell premium full-renovated properties below market prices. We take care of all the property management issues so that you can relax and collect checks after every month without bearing the typical landlord hassles. We are here to make real estate investing simple for you”, stated a leading spokesperson from RentalVest.

The company is offering rented and rehabbed properties starting at $35,000 with minimum 15 percent instant equity on all properties. To make investing more convenient, RentalVest has assured NO CREDIT CHECK financing up till 70 percent LTV.

“We are very particular about which properties we select for clients and hence conduct a thorough check before selecting the properties. We want you to have best investment properties at the best possible prices. Every property is selected based on strict criteria and after we acquire, we take to a full renovation of every property. We aim to present you flawless properties with little to no deferred maintenance. After the repair & renovation phase, we would carefully select tenants based on a stringent and thorough screening process. We always go through credit checks, background checks & income verification to assure tenants will PAY ON TIME and stay longer in your property. As a result, our clients get a cash-flowing Turn-Key investment property that will generate above market returns.”

RentalVest offers 3 internal warranties that cover loss of rent, property management and maintenance for a period of 6 months.

“You can utilize our third party financing to achieve a 50%+ ROI. There are no income requirements for our financing and the down payment can be as low as $1,000.”

To increase your passive income on real estate investments, contact RentalVest at Or call them at 877-236-0098.

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