In springtime, a sporty and relaxing week-end in Serre-Chevalier

“White Water Rafting in the Guisane river – Serre-Chevalier”
Give yourself some time, at least a whole week-end, take a break, forget the heavy pace of your daily life


In Serre-Chevalier, at the altitude of 1200 meters and up to 2830 meters, you will find a natural and magnificent playground The low mountain range of the southern Alps is more likely to offer wide and welcoming green valleys during the month of may.

Serre-Chevalier is a mountain resort (in the “Hautes-Alpes”), located only a few hours away from Paris by TGV and only 3 hours by car from Marseille, so think about it…

Just imagine… make your own choices…

Just imagine… you choose a cozy charming little hotel to spend a private week-end just the two of you, or maybe a holiday lodge to gather with your buddies. Warm welcome, well-equipped bedroom, easy parking, sounds great!

Just imagine… you go hiking, a little path among the larch trees, feel the freshness, the daylight through the fine needles along the branches. You are now walking towards the “Douche” lake, uphill from the “Casset” village. You will need an hour and a half at a slow pace to climb to the lake. When you get there, what a stunning view of the Casset glacier! A more sporty variant ot this hike would include going to the Arsine pass.

Just imagine… A slight swell and the lapping on the boat, you come upon a bunch of wild ducks waddling on the banks of the Guisane river, you are rafting and approaching the Guibertes rapids. Your guide is now concentrating and allows you as well as the crew members a rare moment of silence. Until Serre-Chevalier rafting downhill the Guisane river takes a half-day, it is a 17 kilometer course, but mostly it is two and a half hours of intensive sport and the discovery of unknown sensations and emotions.

Just imagine, you hear your buddies laughing out loud, talking together, your sunglasses feel heavy on your nose, you’re holding a can of beer in your hand, it’s “apero” time at a sunny “bistrot” terrace, your legs are still shaky from such an intense and emotional afternoon…

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