Inspiring Film “A Precious Life” Examines the Relationship between Artists and Mental Illness

Music has long been a cherished art form for mankind, but the toll on those who practice it can be immense.  It is estimated that almost 90% of all professional musicians have struggled with depression or some form of mental health issue at some point in their life. Former professional trumpet player Fraser Precious can attest to how great that price can be. After reaching professional success as a classical musician, Fraser fell into depression and became homeless before recovering his zest for life and eventually becoming an acclaimed filmmaker.

His latest film “A Precious Life” is based on his life and is a heartwarming story of how art can both damage and heal the lives of devotees. “A Precious Life” is a masterfully crafted and emotionally powerful short film that reveals how isolation for the sake of one’s craft can rapidly spiral into mental illness even among the strong and talented. It is also an uplifting tale that reveals the intense challenges and beautiful rewards of a life lived in music as well as how re-connection and compassion can restore even the most profoundly marginalized.

Fraser Precious has dedicated his film to the countless people around the world who are struggling with personal issues of all kinds. “A Precious Life”, he hopes, will encourage them to continue on and, eventually, find a place of peace and joy.

Fraser Precious is making “A Precious Life” in the hope that it will provide audiences with an insightful look at the homeless and mentally ill. He also hopes that this short film will eventually lead to a feature length film based on the same story.  You can help make that possible by supporting his Indiegogo fundraising campaign. If you back this project, you may earn such perks as signed postcards, VIP ticket to the LA premiere, video message from cast & crew, visit to the set, signed movie poster, film cameo, Associate Producer credit, or Executive Producer credit. 

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