Loyalty Network Sharenplat Leading the Resource Sharing Revolution and Possibly Becoming the Next ALIBABA or DIDI

According to the earlier report by some American media, in the field of sharing economy, the “Sharenplat” of Shanghai Loyalty Network Technology Co., Ltd, China, has been quietly arising. Along with the popularization of sharing life concept all over the world, the huge population base and consumption concept change of China have greatly improved the imaginary space of Sharenplat, the builder of the sharing life platform.

The Internet has created countless myths in China’s development progress; in the field of electronic commerce, ALIBABA, JD, as well as DIDI and AIRBNB in the sharing economy field have all become the hot topics of the industry.

Haojie Hu (Aaron Hu) studied Finance, Management and Philosophy at New York University’s Stern School of Business. With an angel-round financing of 5 million USD, he founded the Shanghai Loyalty Network Technology Co. Ltd., (Loyalty Network) whose product Sharenplat pioneered the business model of an all-in-one sharing economy platform where people can seamlessly and effortlessly share their available time, skills and resources.

However, cars and houses only share the tip of the iceberg of total social resources. Activation of stock resources of the entire society requires an ALL-IN-ONE sharing life platform. In China, with its increasingly intensive resource problems, the next product that is indispensable for hundreds of millions of Chinese might as well be created in the sharing economy field.

Loyalty Network is awarded “2016 China Internet + Best Sharing Economy Company” and “2016 China Information Technology Development The Most Investment-Worthy Company” on January 14, 2017 at the Golden Hall of the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.

As the founder of the sharing life platform, Sharenplat has been honored with two major national awards as early as the beginning of this month in the Great Hall of the People (China’s “White House”), namely “China’s Most Valuable Enterprise for Information Technology and Innovation Investments” and “China’s Internet+ Sharing Economy Leading Enterprise”. Facing with the abrupt rise-up of DIDI in China, in the sharing economy field, do we sense the opportunities for new investments in this Oriental country with an 1.3-billion population? 

Sharing Economy, the Inevitable Choice for China’s Domestic Economic Development Trend

Under the background of global economic downturn, China’s real economy has also been suffering from the contraction; in addition, the accelerated urbanization construction has been gradually diluting the existing resources, and the overpriced housing market has compressed the per capita disposable properties. By considering it from leading a more economic life, China, especially for the consumption concepts of urban citizens, has experienced certain changes, and the sharing life concept of cost-saving has been normal.

Currently, except for the sharing of the field of cars and houses, the great stock values of the society have not been effectively activated yet. Sharing contents of people in terms of time, skills, and any other objects around them in their lives, as well as the interconnection between people and objects, between objects, and between people, are subject to the true future of sharing economy. And, it is exactly the competitive power layout of Sharenplat. They are scheduling to build up an ecological system that is wider and more active in terms of the corresponding scale, category and bearing capacity than the unitary sharing field.

Converging Global Technical Applications, Benefitting the Masses of the People through High-techs

By converging the Sharenplat platform that serving as a frontier result of mobile technologies and innovations currently all over the world, it has integrated the Cloud Computing, Big Data, Block Chain, Internet of Things, AI (artificial intelligence) and Internet User Credit Investigation System.

By giving an insight into the needs of users on various kinds of sharing objects and skills, and through Big Data computation, Sharenplat aims at pushing the most appropriate information to the users according to their needs; through customized interface presentation form and algorithm optimization, it has the infinite potentials on improving the sharing experience of on the Sharenplat platform.

No matter for resource providers or demanders, they can all enjoy the information sharing service free of charge. Then, sharing or transactions can be smooth.

Filling the Gaps in the Industry, the Sharing Forerunner Taking All

In terms of policies, the Chinese government has been encouraging the development of sharing economy with an unprecedented attitude; in terms of the development of economic pattern, Sharenplat has been focusing on the key points of economic transition and domestic demand stimulation; passions of the Chinese citizens have gradually been lighted, and the willingness of users on actively selecting a sharing life is now being formed; in terms of technical support, the progresses of mobile internet technologies all around the globe have laid solid foundations for data matching, credit establishment, and user experiences.

Although there are still some gaps in the market of sharing life platform, Loyalty Network’s Sharenplat is capable of well filling the gaps in the industry. Forerunners formulate the rules of the game, and the winner takes all. According to the expert, a large-scale sharing activity is on-going all over the world.

In China, the ALL-IN-ONE Sharenplat of Loyalty Network has a greater chance to become the next Internet giant.

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