Thunder, An Elephant’s Journey, The Adventure of a Lifetime…


PENSACOLA, FL – 24 Jan, 2017 – When poachers separate Thunder from his herd, he must make his way across the jungle of central Africa. He makes a few friends along the way that help raise his spirits as he learns more about the world around him. From surfing hippos to flamboyant flamingos, Thunder is filled with memorable characters that will have readers laughing and crying between the pages.

Filled with educational opportunities, Thunder teaches children that protecting and preserving our animals is important to our world. Everything we do has a global impact on our world. Pre-order on Amazon

Book two, Footprints in the Sand, and book 3, Hope Haven, are coming soon.

Erik Daniel Shein & L.M. Reker know that the children are our future. They have the capacity to make changes to our world that could have positive impacts on the habitats of our endangered species. As active members of the Arkwatch Foundation, some of the proceeds from sales will go to the Arkwatch Foundation whose mission is to prevent the depletion of rare animal and plant species.

The Arkwatch Foundation:

Kirkus Review

“The prose is thick with lovely descriptions of Thunder’s home and the various places he visits, and his fears will be relatable to the younger set. The story is also a great introduction to the concept of preserving the planet and its species. In a wonderful touch, an appendix gives contact information for a variety of organizations that are trying to stop the practice of poaching and protect the environment.”

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