Offers Professional Fitness and Nutritional Advice is a physical fitness and nutrition coaching company based in Finland, which provides physical exercise and diet related programs and advice to help people lose weight and increase their energy levels. The services offered to clients include personal trainers, dietary advice, nutritional programs to ease stomach problems, and strength training.

According to the site, what makes their programs effective compared to other coaching companies is the experience of their two male founders, who went through obesity problems themselves. As a result of their experience, they have accumulated knowledge of the kinds of workouts and diets that produce the best results. The founders of also recognize that all individuals are different, and a specific workout or diet, which may be appropriate for one person, may not suit another. Consequently, clients can expect to receive tailored-made programs.

This customized approach is achieved by the company through asking clients what they want, and what they are trying to achieve. also asks clients questions on what challenges they faced in the past when trying to lose weight, and what problems have they had. The Finnish coaching firm then develops the best workouts and nutritional practices that solve those problems. offers four main services. These include firstly, a personal trainer who through the company’s functional hall devices a fitness program to help clients increase their physical strength and stamina, have an athletic physique, and be able to perform any physical challenge from lifting shopping bags without puffing to hiking for a week in the wilderness.

Secondly, tailored dietary advice based on the client’s food diary, interview and weight loss history so that the coaching firm can identify any shortcomings, and diets can be modified to achieve the best results. Thirdly, related to diet, also provides clients with nutritional advice that help ease the symptoms of various stomach ailments include reflux, irritable bowels, flatulence, abdominal pain, constipation, diarrhoea, and colic.

Finally, the company offers strength coaching to their clients through developing programs involving weightlifting, bench press, pull-ups and push-ups so that customers can build muscle mass and strength levels.

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Company Name: Ruokatauko
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