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3D RevEng – 3D Laser Scanning and Reverse Engineering Services
3DRevEng is a Surrey based 3D laser scanning company offers high quality & state-of-the-art 3D scanning services and digital reverse engineering since 2009.

Surrey, British Columbia – January 24, 2017 – Increased profitability, greater accuracy and faster turnaround are among the many benefits that can be realised with 3D Laser Scanning. With laser scan data fast becoming an integral part, 3D Laser Scanning and digital reverse engineering are going to be mainstream. To meet this emerging demand, 3DRevEng now offers the combination of leading-edge 3D scanning technology and software so they can offer high quality 3D scanning services and digital reverse engineering services.

Today, Laser Scanning and 3D modeling have achieved wide acceptance in the industrial, transportation, architectural fields as well as infrastructure and civil engineering. While explaining more about the benefits of 3D scanning technology, the spokesperson stated, “3D scanning can capture very small objects all the way up to full-size airplanes. 3D scanning can be used for reverse engineering and computer-aided inspections (CAI). 3D laser scanners capture tens of thousands of points per second and allow us to inspect parts quickly.”

He also continued, “Our 3DRevEng team consists of engineers and architects whose primary responsibility is creating deliverables based on our clients’ needs. Furthermore, our team has real world experience, enabling us to provide our clients with the information that will be most useful to them.”

Always at the forefront of technology, 3DRevEng specialises in offering affordable 3D scanning service in Surrey, BC that allows capturing every detail of the product, with the use of lasers and also can convert physical objects into precise digital models quickly and accurately.

The spokesperson concluded by adding, “We are industry leaders and have a long history of success. We don’t just have over 8+ years of experience rather we have successful business experience and satisfied clients, and we are the leading provider of ultra-precise, 3D laser scanning systems and services. If you need assistance, call us @ 604-910-0165. Our service experts are here to help you.”

About 3DRevEng

3DRevEng specialises leading-edge 3D scanning technology and software that offers high quality 3D scanning services and digital reverse engineering services since 2009.

For more details, visit http://www.3dreveng.com

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