Renee Jones, Author of “What’s Really Eating You” Exposes the Psychological Triggers Leading To Yo-Yo Dieting on Influencers Radio

Author of “What’s Really Eating You: Overcome the Triggers of Comfort Eating,” Renee Jones, talks about her new book and the psychological struggles of losing weight and keeping it off during recent interview on Influencers Radio.
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Founder of and author of “What’s Really Eating You,” Renee Jones, was the featured guest on Influencers Radio with Jack Mize discussing the common but often unrecognized psychological triggers of comfort eating that can lead to Yo-Yo dieting and the associated health risks.

The dangers of Yo-Yo Dieting have received a lot attention in the media explosion around the recently published study by the Obesity research journal revealing how many of the incredible success stories from contestants of “The Biggest Loser” reality show have completely unraveled.  Investigators at the National Institutes of Health tracked 14 contestants from “The Biggest Loser” over six years. Out of the 14, 13 regained much or all of the weight they worked so hard to lose.

Jones explained why choosing the right diet, knowing what foods to eat and not to eat, isn’t the issue. “That’s the easy part,” she says.  But following a diet while dealing with the emotional triggers that drive people to eat what she calls “comfort foods,” that make them feel better is what so many dieters struggle with.

According to Jones, “That is the hard part because we’re human. We have emotions. Things happen. We get stressed. This is what we’ve always done when we get stressed, or we get upset. We reach for something, because from birth if you’re upset about something, someone puts something in your mouth, whether it is the breast, or a bottle, or a pacifier. We learned that if you’re upset, put something in your mouth. You will feel better. Unfortunately, we shifted from the pacifier to the bottle to a donut, and we just keep putting something in our mouths to make us feel better.”

During the interview, Jones shared how she faced those same struggles herself.  After 40 years of Yo-Yo dieting, she finally realized that losing weight and keeping it off had less to do with the diet plan and everything to do with “emotional triggers” that lead to eating “comfort food.”

With a Masters in Marriage and Family Counseling and a Clinical Residency in Pastoral Care, Jones has been helping others conquer their battle with Yo-Yo dieting through her Weight Loss and Management Practice.  

Jones is now reaching out to the masses with her recently released book “What’s Really Eating You: Overcome the Triggers of Comfort Eating.” Through entertaining stories and easy to understand principles, Jones helps readers create a plan for weight loss and maintenance by discovering and overcoming the triggers of comfort eating while learning how to enjoy food again.  The book also includes strategies for navigating the all-you-can-eat buffet, office kitchen, and parties.

“What’s Really Eating You: Overcome the Triggers of Comfort Eating” Kindle edition is now available on amazon at . Paperback and hardback editions will be available through amazon and other major online and offline book retailers in late January.

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