Wheels on the bus rhymes video makes learning an enjoyable activity

24.02.2017 – Parents and teachers are always keen on welcoming any new nursery rhymes videos, as it can help them teach their kids in a fun filled way and make learning time very enjoyable. The kids have to learn the rhymes by knowing the verses of it clearly to recite it correctly later. It is true that kids are delighted to learn new rhymes as it would help them learn a new word, know the names of many new things and understand the actions performed by the things around them.

The wheels on the bus is one such interesting rhyme that teaches the way by which a bus moves and what happens inside the bus and outside on the streets when the vehicles are moving on the road. The nursery rhymes videos have already received positive responses from many teachers and moms, as it has clear cut pronunciation.

When you click on the link of the rhymes video, your kids will fall in love with it, as it is created to be an amazing musical adventure aboard a bright pink and purple bus that is fitted with wheels that spin faster and swishing wipers. The rhymes video also features barking dogs, vehicle lights, moving people, spinning wheels and busy streets in the town to help the kids know what they would find on the road. The Wheels on the Bus rhymes features stunning illustrations, foot tapping music, catchy tune and creative interaction to make the kids love the rhyme instantly.

This rhyme is specifically designed for kids above 18 months of age.  You can find the wheels on the bus lyrics below the videoon the YouTube page. The kids would be able to learn that the bus moves faster due to its spinning wheels, the doors can open and close, the wipers make a swishing sound while wiping the raindrops, the people would fall up and down on their seats when the bus goes faster, the baker makes fresh cakes, the bark of the dog is woof, the gold fish jumps and much more.

When the child sings the wheels on the bus lyrics, they would experience cognitive, motor and language development, as they will recognize various sounds, fun filled lyrics and action to represent the verses in the rhymes. The phrases of this rhyme can be recognized by the kids instantly and the video has beautiful animation featuring colorful characters, vehicles and things on the street to give the kids the real feel of being aboard the bus. As the rhyme is offered as a music video, it can easily register in their sub conscious mind while swathing this rhyme video continuously and would help your child to learn it quickly. Make sure that you teach your child some action to enact the Wheels on the bus rhyme to make the job of teaching super easy. The parents and the teachers can also subscribe the YouTube channel to stay updated about the latest rhyme videos.

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