ASMBee Analytic Helps Apple Search Ads Users Increase App Downloads by 300%

ASMBee, The Unique Tool That Analyzes Apple Search Ads Is Here.

ASMBee 1.0 beta is online now!

After several months’ preparation and 3 months coding & debugging, ASMBee announces the official release of the unique analytic tool for Apple search ads, ASMBee 1.0 Beta.

As discussed in the community of Apple search ads users, ASMBee combines convenience and technology together, provides a way for Apple search ads users to find more useful data, such as keywords information, competitors insight data, app performances etc., which is important for them buy no single tool could provide before. 

Main Features of ASMBee Apple search ads analytic tool

ASMBee is designed as a unique tool that can check, monitor, analyze, and follow the newest data of Apple search ads, such as keywords, app, competitors, etc. User can do all of these by creating a free account on 

Apple Search Ads Keywords Analytic

The first thing users can do is to search target keywords they use in Apple search ads, and see how popular and difficult these keywords are. There is a great chance you will find some related keywords that are suitable, but were ignored before. In the Keywords detail page, more information is displayed, such as, your competitor in Apple search ads campaigns, the search trends of the keyword.



Apple Search Ads App Analytics

Besides analysis date in keywords dimension, you can also analyze a app’s performance in search ads, including ads trending, ads keywords coverage, Daily KDN Analysis, or even a detailed screenshot of the ads copies. Registered users, which is completely free now, can follow unlimited number of apps, and check the changes between versions of different ads copies.


What users can expect from ASMBee 1.0, and how to use?

Till now, there are totally around 100K keywords listed for ads, and nearly 10k apps with ads insight data in ASMBee’s database. Al-through it’s still on its beta version, ASMBee is now the only tool in the app marketing and Apple search ads area. They are feeding more data to the system every day. So, if you didn’t find the results as you demanded, just come back after a while, may there be surprise for you.

Start Analyze your Search Ads Data

To start use ASMBee is very easy, just go to, search your keywords, find the insight data, check related keywords and apps. If you want to follow certain keywords or apps in Apple search ads, just create your free account, then you’re able to add them into your favorite list. To start use ASMBee, just click here, it’s Free! 

About ASMBee

ASMBee is a technology driven company, focusing on App marketing tools and services. Besides this very Apple search ads analytic tool, they also offer related services, such as Appstore Top Chart Boost, Appstore Search Trending Ranking, etc. For more information, you can visit their info page here:

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