MEDDSY to Launch Indiegogo Campaign for Next Generation Smart Emergency Kit

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL – 1/23/2017 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Max Chup, MEDDSY team leader, announced that an Indiegogo campaign will be launched to raise $100,000 to fund production of the MEDDSY next generation first aid and rescue car kit. MEDSSY was developed based on knowledge and experience gained from doctors, soldiers, survival experts, rescue personnel and professional travelers.

“Together with our team, we’ve examined most major emergencies that can occur to any of us,” said Chup. “Moreover, I’ve been on dozens of rescue operations and truly know how important it is to have all the necessities and how vitally valuable time is. That’s why we’ve decided to create the most complete and functional solution. We call it MEDDSY.”

The uniquely designed emergency kit features three sections and has been featured on GadgetFlow and The Weather Channel. The top section is a multi-compartment organizer for storing medicines and dressings, dental supplies, instruments and custom necessities. The kit includes pocket-sized boxes and containers for smaller first aid items or supplies that can be personalized to the individual.

A water repellant pouch is included that fits easily in backpacks while camping, hiking or traveling anywhere in the world. The emergency kit is appropriate for addressing situations ranging from strains, sprains and falls to burns and allergic reactions. The middle section of the MEDDSY kit stores larger medical and rescue tools, along with necessities for other people.

The minimalist case design of the future is compact and contains a built-in power bank for charging electronic devices and is powerful enough to jump start a car engine with the included cables. The inner core lights up and doubles as a detachable flashlight. MEDDSY smart core includes a magnet for attaching it to metal surfaces for convenience and it has Velcro pads that keep it secure and prevents shifting when in vehicles.

MEDDSY will be available in basic, advanced and expert editions. The first aid kit comes stocked with a comprehensive array of essential supplies and as a special thank you to those who back the expert edition, the MEDDSY kit will come with a Vietnamese golden star balm.

The MEDDSY kit is created from recycled, eco-friendly materials that resists scratching, while providing waterproof, dirt proof, snow proof and shock proof protection for the contents. Mass production and shipping of MEDDSY to backers will take place in the spring-fall of 2017 when funding has been achieved.

The Indiegogo campaign will fund the most innovative first aid and medical kit available that’s equally at home in the family car or while participating in extreme sports. The MEDDSY rescue kit is destined to change the future of first aid preparedness and become an integral part of any lifestyle.

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