Food anchor and personality, Nicole Meyer, offer audiences an opportunity to learn how to cook delicious meals on their own

Anyone can become the next super cook through Nibbles By Nic’s YouTube channel, website, cooking classes, and books

Today, Food anchor and personality, Nicole Meyer, presents Nibbles By Nic, a platform that offer audiences the opportunity to learn exciting and creative ways to cook delicious meals. Nibbles By Nic, is available online in different mediums including a website, YouTube channel and published cookbooks. Nicole conducts traveling workshops to build kitchen confidence. Access unlimited cooking tricks, kitchen tips and more on the website at  

“At the age of 9 my best friend and I decided that we were going to have a cooking show. That passion is what has driven me to create Nibbles By Nic, to help people find ways to make great meals. I am just a mother and wife that loves to cook, and I believe that with the right information no one should ever have to be scared to enter into the kitchen. If you want to create delicious meals and are ready to learn, you are in the right place,” said Nicole Meyer.

Through Nibbles By Nic, Nicole offer her audience unlimited access to kitchen tips, cooking classes and recipes in the form of texts and video tutorials. She provides a new experience and fun facts for audiences to discover new recipes, healthy snacks and fun meal tricks that are easy to learn and implement. She also conducts traveling cooking workshops for group cooking parties, one-on-one cooking boot camp, mother and daughter workshops and private cooking parties. Nicole has also published a recipe Title book with caps, Cups Sticks & Nibbles’ which contains practical and fun ways to make great meals.

“I can’t thank her enough for the cooking class. It was perfect. I loved her approach and how she made it easy for a mom to cook. I love that she went through my thought process for the week about how to plan the weekly meals for my family. It combined healthy and practical. Thank you for an amazing day” said Meredith B, a fan.

Apart from running the website, YouTube channel and cooking workshops, Nicole also offers corporate workshops for full-time, busy, working parents. She is also available for featuring in morning programs, cooking shows, articles, radio, etc.


Dinner hacks: Unlocking the key to weeknight dinner success
Nicole is organizing a brand new cooking series for the New Year, targeted at busy moms at work or home. Participants will learn how to nail down a meal planning routine that works specifically for them, prepare favorite foods without calories and ditch the takeout for simple home cooking. They will also be preparing seasonal dishes such as, “One Tray Crunchy Cod Dinner,” “Diced Wok-Seared Chicken & String Beans,” & “Kale & Lasagna Roll-Ups.” The workshop is an opportunity for moms to lighten up their kitchen tool collection, create under 30-minute meals and advance in weekend preparation.

About Nicole Meyer
Nicole Meyer is a food anchor and personality, passionate about helping other people find ways to make great meals for their family. Through her company, Nibbles By Nic, the mother of two and wife offer practical cooking tips, kitchen tricks and meal tips for people want to learn new ways to make great meals for their families. For more information, please contact (917) 509-2938, or visit

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