Hyper Effects announces the launch of one of the most romantic music videos of 2017

Video director, Himesh Bhargo, has created the most extravagant music video to come out of Kitsap County

Today, Hyper Effects is proud to announce the launch of their much-awaited music video, dubbed the most romantic video of 2017. The video is directed by Himesh Bhargo, who is a well-known actor and model. The song in the music video titled “Like I Do” is composed, written and performed by Oualid Ekami, who delivered excellent vocal talent. The song also features Himesh Bhargo as a male model and Anastazia Nichole, who acted as the beautiful female model.

“My vision was to exhibit the vibrant and growing culture of the Kitsap County. I was both humbled and honored to see the support of the community. The kind of opportunities provided to artists in Bremerton is limitless,” said Himesh Bhargo, the director.

The “Like I Do” musical video enjoyed high-level creative input from professionals who have many years of experience creating great ideas. To elevate creativity and express the idea of extravagance, the director rented a limousine and private jet for the music video shoot. He also applied highly technical cinematography moves, colorful backgrounds, a serene environment, creative post-production, and color correction.

The director also involved the services of Vandana Trehan as art director. Trehan has worked in numerous highly extravagant movie productions, as a costume designer, in the Indian film industry.

“This was an amazing experience for me, and I learned a lot from the project. I took my previous experience and added a touch of the rich western culture. The Production company Hyper Effects takes Production Quality to a whole new level”, said Vandana Trehan.

The video is now ready and launched on the networks – YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily Motion. It will also be submitted to various music video festivals across the world.

About Himesh Bhargo

Himesh Bhargo is a model, actor, and director specializing in making documentaries, movies and musical videos. He studied Digital Arts Media at Olympic College. His independent film ‘jurisdiction’ has been premiered in theaters and won awards.

About Hyper Effects

Hyper Effects is a media/marketing company providing a range of media services for their clientele. Services they offer includes video production, business marketing, app development and website creation. Their works have been featured on news platforms like CBS5, Fox21, NBC Right Now, The State, etc.
Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/ym_mfunt9P4

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Company Name: Hyper Effects .
Contact Person: Himesh Bhargo
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Country: United States
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