Heroin Addiction Rehab for Delaware Patient Recovery

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Heroin abuse has reached an all-time high in the United States.

It still ranks as he deadliest drug worldwide. Its increase in the states has a lot of officials and the medical community worried. The drug kills more people than any other drug. So what is fueling the trend? While numerous theories circulate, there are a number of facts that stick out, and there has been a notable crackdown on prescription drugs, like OxyContin and Vicodin.

These drugs were overprescribed, and as prescribers slowed down, the use of heroin went up. These two drugs are painkillers, and when addicted individuals can no longer get their prescription filled they turn to heroin. Not all do, but there is an alarming number of addicts who do. So much in fact that the number of new heroin users is quite alarming. Heroin addiction rehab is a solution that works for Delaware addicts.

Heroin, an illegal drug, is mostly smuggled into the US. Other countries are not really the target for blame. There has to be a US market for the drug trade to blossom. When a person abuses heroin, there are signs, such as slurred speech, sweating, pinpoint pupils, diarrhea, nausea, mood swings, weight loss, personality change, and an unkempt appearance. Heroin addiction cause an individual to abandon themselves. Their lives have changed for the worse—some permanently. Careers are abandoned, or placed on hold, friendship are forsaken, and everyone in the addict’s circle is affected in a negative manner.

Getting Help for the Addict

The only sensible solution for a heroin addiction is to get professional clinical help like the type offered at addiction rehab centers. When a person battles addiction, their loved ones have a difficult time of dealing with it, and convincing the addict to seek treatment can be a challenge. Most addicts have a desire to stop, but their addiction has complete control over them. Some, want help, but actually fear withdrawal symptoms. Making the decision to get help is one of the bravest first steps the addict can take.

The rehab center conducts a thorough assessment of the patient’s condition, both mental and physical. This way, the center can tailor a treatment plant that is unique for each patient. After admittance, detox is the first stage where harmful toxins are removed from the patient’s body. Inpatient treatments can be most effective, and the patient receives around-the-clock monitoring and medication as needed until their body can regain its balance.

After stabilization, the patient receives counseling and cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to help them make a better connection with their thinking patterns and present condition. Co-occurring mental disorders are also addressed at this stage. If not, there is the likelihood a patient will relapse at some future date. That is not what rehab facilities want for any patient. Family members can also take advantage of counseling. Family support can be one of the most effective sources for helping patients get back on the track to a life of normalcy.

Rehab can last from 30, 60, to 90 days or even longer for some patients. The idea is to remain in rehab for as long as it takes to truly pursue a life of sobriety. Living a life free of drugs is not easy. Some patients struggle with the urge to abuse drugs for an entire lifetime. However, aftercare and follow is available for everyone.

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