Welcoming Team Seeks To Add More People as its New Welcome Service Becomes Model for Success

January 24, 2017, Salt Lake City, Ut, United States- Representatives of Welcoming Team, a firm that averages more than 600% return on advertising/marketing investment for its clients are pleased to announce that they are currently seeking 50 new individualsto open Welcoming Services, and benefitfrom an already successful business model.

Being a part of one of the America’s most profitable business model can result into an income crossing 7 digits.Welcoming Team has earned a well-deserved reputation for guaranteeing results on its basket marketing campaign. Giving away beautiful gift baskets is a fun and exciting business.  It really is!  And that’s because everybody loves to be welcomed.  There’s no doubt that welcomers have the best business in the world, since they get to help new families discover how great it is to live in their new city.

According to company’s spokesperson Suzi Phillips (President of the WelcomingTeam): “It’s proven that this type of marketing works better than everything else.  In fact, studies show that 80-92% of people will redeem gift cards and gift certificates. They WILL!!  It’s a FACT!  And so what that means is… these businesses that feature items in the baskets are THRILLED with the results they get because all of these people who get baskets, are suddenly coming into their business and spending money.”

So what exactly is a Welcome Service?

It involves welcoming new residents to the community, by delivering beautiful complimentary welcome baskets filled with gifts to newcomers in town. These baskets are full of gifts as well as community information, like maps of town, parks, lakes, voting information, dmv info, local area guides of things to do, entertainment and recreation.  People LOVE it.  They love the free gifts to restaurants, free visits to the dentists, free haircuts & styles, free dry cleaning services, free oil changes and more.  Kids love it because there are puzzles, games, coloring books, and toys.  Baskets contain thousands of dollars worth of gifts. And residents can’t wait to use these gift certificates.  And that makes the businesses that offered gifts in the baskets, very happy! Moreover, these businesses get new customers, and typically see between 600% to 2000% return on their advertising investment.   It’s essentially guaranteed results on their basket marketing campaign.

There’s no selling whatsoever.  They’re just welcoming people to town, and helping them to feel great about living in their wonderful community.  And they’re helping businesses acquire new customers in the friendliest and most effective way there is. 

For more information, simply visit: http://www.welcomingteam.com/

About Welcoming Team

Based in Washington, Utah, Welcoming Team specializes in marketing local businesses to new residents and new movers. What makes this firm unique is that it utilizes 100% Word of Mouth Marketing and guarantees results. 

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