Vitalize Your Life- Belisan Team Introduces New Ebook that Holds the Secret to Healthy and Balanced Lifestyle

A Two Weeks, Five Points Express Power Plan!

January 24, 2016, Las Vegas, NV, United States: Belisan team today announced the official worldwide launch of its new power plan named “Vitalize Your Life,” a two-weeks, five points express power plan that can fit into anybody’s busy timeframe. The plan is a holistic approach towards better health that includes healthy diet, workout, mediation, creativity and self-esteem.

According to company’s spokesperson Patric Bomio: “The ebook Vitalize Your Life is an upward spiral Workbook that can help to balance your life. We developed this Workbook that introduces you how you can fit healthy topics into your busy timeframe. It’s what we do every day for ourselves because of our small timeframe as successful entrepreneurs. And it was exactly what we needed, as we felt like Mary a long time ago as employees. So we experienced it for us, wrote it down, and now we share it with you for free and anybody can download it and benefit from it.”

The five formulas of this power plan are:

Healthy Diet

It contains delicious and healthy plant-based recipes, instead of junk food, which can be prepared within just 15 minutes.


Workout is another part of the plan, but it does not include boring and long workouts. The team planned 7 minutes workout routine.


The third part of the plan includes meditation that only needs one minute.

Self Esteem

The 4th part is self-esteem, as one cannot achieve any goal without self-esteem, be it health or something else.


Last part is creativity that one can add in anything, including recipes, workout, meditation, and self-esteem.

Last two parts of the plan need only 7 minutes, so when combined together they all make 30 minutes a day. So, in a nutshell one needs just 30 minutes to stay fit.

About Vitalize Your Life

Created by Belisan team, Vitalize Your Life is a free for all ebook. All one has to do is register with the company, and enter its two weeks five points express power plan.

More information is available at:

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Company Name: Belisan
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