Lunamik to Produce Two Exciting Videos for Chinese Tech-Giant Xioami

Melbourne, AU – Chinese tech-giant Xioami has selected Lunamik, a Melbourne-based multimedia agency specializing in video and animation that can be found at, to produce their next two product videos. Xioami’s choice of Lunamik has led to the production of two refreshing, smart-tech brand films with a modern aesthetic that is clean, simple and light.

For a company that is only entering its second year of operations, Lunamik has already garnered more than a few high-profile clients, including Cricket Australia and Schiavello. Their win of the contract to produce two videos for Xioami is a huge boost in recognition for the company as a player in the global market. Xiaomi is one of China’s largest electronics companies, and they are the world’s fourth largest smartphone maker. Their decision to award the two video productions to Lunamik heralds good news for the Melbourne-based video production company. Lunamik’s portfolio has included videos for industries as diverse as music, fashion, technology, and medicine.

Lunamik, available at, is a full-service digital agency that specializes in original video production and brand identity. While many marketing agencies have a cookie-cutter approach to brand identity, Lunamik specializes in creating unique and brand-tailored productions. The company employs a team of writers, animators, designers, and film directors to create original videos for companies large and small, from global corporations to local start-ups. Shot in 4K resolution, Lunamik videos are recognizable for their high-quality and clean aesthetics. Their videos are optimizable across devices from mobile to television. In addition to video production, the multi-media agency also creates websites, mobile UI and logo designs.

The company’s two product videos for Xioami debut the release of two smart-tech devices, the Xioami robot vacuum, and the Xioami smart home. Lunamik’s use of light color palettes and sleek spatial designs are visually appealing to modern consumers. Compared to some of Xioami’s previous product videos, which featured mainly close-ups of the product, it’s also clear that Lunamik’s videos are meant to engage viewers and appeal to them on a more interpersonal, emotional and human level. Lunamik’s videos have taken Xioami’s marketing to an entirely new level that puts them in league with other globally dominant tech giants.

It will be interesting to see what other videos Lunamik produces following the success of the Xioamin videos. As digital marketing continues to grow, it is apparent that there will be a high demand for video and animation production companies like Lunamik.

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