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The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in a case filed on behalf of the Higher Society of Indiana, Inc. has won its case against Tippecanoe County, Indiana via preliminary injunction regarding a lawsuit filed in 2016, in which the group had held a rally on the grounds of the Tippecanoe County courthouse in May. With permission, the Higher Society of Indiana, Inc. (Higher Fellowship) gathered promoting cannabis legalization and education, and were later asked to leave once the group arrived and began to practice their First Amendment rights of Freedom of Assembly and Freedom of Speech. 

Tippecanoe County Commissioners in the case had argued that a miscommunication had occurred and that commissioners must approve which groups are allowed to use the grounds for rallies and gatherings, but the judge in the case ruled by preliminary injunction that the Higher Society of Indiana, Inc. a.k.a. (the Higher Fellowship) should be allowed to hold rallies in Tippecanoe County and that disallowing certain groups regardless of subject matter would be a violation of First Amendment rights. 

Chalk one up for a win at Purdue, the home of the Boilermakers, and chalk one up for cannabis education!  Let freedom ring!  It almost seems as if anymore that it takes a fight to preserve our constitutional rights. 

The Higher Society of Indiana, Inc. (a.k.a. Higher Fellowship) supports legalizing cannabis for adult use in the Hoosier state.  Cannabis prohibition is harmful causing additional strains on our already overburdened criminal justice system, cannabis prohibition is ineffective (more than 22,000,000 Americans currently admit to using cannabis), and cannabis prohibition is unnecessary (evidence does not support a causal “gateway” relationship between cannabis and the later use of more harmful drugs. 

The Higher Fellowship is on a mission to educate all counties in Indiana further about the benefits of cannabis and to remove the harm that propagandizing has caused.  It is important to spread the truth about this substance.  Last week alone, a new report was released furthering the evidence of the medical benefits of cannabis.  10,000 scientific studies were reviewed by the National Academies of Sciences, and a 400 page report was written.  There is now strong evidence that medical cannabis is effective for chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, and nausea and vomiting induced by chemo-therapy.  The Higher Fellowship’s mission and vision is to legalize cannabis and regulate it for adults 21 and older in the same way that alcohol is regulated. 

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