Mario International Group announces a new generation of sweets: Hazelnut cream with less sugar

Hazelnut cream and pistachio cream now come free of palm oil

Today, Mario International Group is proud to announce their line of products including hazelnut cream and pistachio cream. The creams have less sugar since they have been sweetened with xylitol or erythritol, which has health benefits. All products have been manufactured with top quality hazelnuts and pistachios. Hazelnut Cream and Pistachio cream are now palm oil free, with no additives or colorant.

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“We are a top selling product under private labels in different countries such as Sweden, Germany, Norway, Switzerland, Finland, Estonia, Lithuania, and Canada. We also sell our product under our own brand label and name, Dolce. The most important thing now is that our product now comes free of palm oil. Also, we are also launching a new product, Hyperion, which contains high protein and no sugar or preservatives.” Said Mr. Garozzo, the owner of the Mario International Group of Companies who is based in Tallinn, Estonia.

For the past two years, the company’s team of experts have been working tirelessly to find the perfect mix to remove the palm oil in the product. The efforts have yielded results as the product are now manufactured palm oil free, which many other producers are still using in their products. Since removing palm oil, the company plans to expand further to more places across the world. Removing palm oil ensures the danger of high calorie and fat, weight gain, and other adverse health effects is no more an issue. It also ensures that clients get what they want from a unique product they already trusted.

In February 2017, the company will be launching a new protein hazelnut cream called Hyperion. The product is made with 27% Hazelnuts and 21% Proteins, Xylitol Sweetened, Palm oil free, and no sugar Added. All Mario International products are Gmo-free, gluten free, lactose free, no colorants and no conservants. The products are all Handmade, Artisanal handcraft, a result of old Sicilian tradition mixed with modern technology.

With the successful implementation of a new non-invasive process that helps to maintain nutrients and make the product palm oil free, Mario International hopes to expand its business to a larger market across the world. The company is hoping to find big distributors that will represent their products, as well as private labels, who will distribute, sell and market their brands in countries where they are not yet active.

About Mario International

Mario International is a company that has its corporate sales office located in Tallinn, Estonia, and a partner manufacturing company based in Sicily. Since 2011, they have been making hazelnut cream with rich ingredients, branded under several different names worldwide.

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