Most Affordable, Award Winning Small Business CRM Revealed: Salesflow CRM

Small Business CRMLOS ANGELES, CA – 1/25/2017 — Managing your business’s customer base is one of the many important tasks to having a successful business. By managing your clientele, you are able to specify what are the different types of marketing techniques are needed to reach out to your existing and potential customers. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) softwares help a great number of businesses manage their lists of customers. The big question is, which CRM software is the most affordable and will yield great results? Today we will reveal the comparison of four popular CRM softwares on the market.


At $1,500 a month (Salesforce Ent.), businesses can have access to their plan of managing ten users. By the end of the year, this totals up to $18,000 for using their services. Salesforce’s price tag usually gives small businesses and company start ups some hesitation before utilizing their services. While Salesforce does offer some useful features, let’s take a look at other CRM software companies that offer similar features.

Microsoft Dynamics

Businesses can be granted access to 10 users for a cost of $700 a month. This means you will be paying $8,400 a year, which is significantly less when compared to Salesforce. While The two CRM software companies share similar features, there are more alternatives in the industry.


InfusionSoft (Team) charges their customers $599 a month to gain access to ten users. Totalling up to $7,1888 a year, InfusionSoft Team may seem like a good option when looking at the three together. Before you make up your mind, there is one last alternative that will top all three of these options.

Salesflow CRM

Salesflow offers all of the same features as the previous three and more. For only $50 a month, businesses can be granted access to the same amount of users and still yield the same results. For only $600 a year, businesses can save at least $6,000 and more on CRM software services.

After comparing the prices and services of four popular CRM software companies, it is obvious as to who is the winner for the most affordable services: Salesflow CRM. Salesflow offers an amazingly cost effective plan for their customers and still yield the same results as its competitors. You too can start managing your customer base at an afforable rate at

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