Best Oracle CRM On Demand Alternative of 2017 Revealed

Oracle CRM On Demand AlternativeLOS ANGELES, CA – 1/25/2017 — There are plenty of CRM options to choose from right now, and it’s no surprise. In our increasingly connected information society the ability to quickly provide clients and potential customers with relevant information and promotions is a necessity if you want your brand or product to succeed.

When choosing a CRM software to help manage your sales you should be sure to consider whether the software meets all of your company’s needs, and whether the price you pay will be worth it at the end of the day.

If you’ve done any research on CRM softwares then you may have come across Oracle CRM On Demand. After looking over the packages that Oracle offers, it may be difficult to determine whether it is a good value or not. Oracle’s pricing is extremely difficult to find and not entirely transparent. If you want a full run down of their charges, you’ll have to go to external sources to get the information.

What you will find out is that Oracle charges $75 per user per month on an annual basis, or $90 per user per month if you pay on a monthly basis. That means that to equip a sales team of 10 people with the CRM software you need, Oracle would cost $9,000 per year. When it comes to your final results, that price tag may outweigh the benefits you get from using their software.

Consider instead Salesflow CRM. For 10 users per month we charge only $50 per month. On top of that, Salesflow CRM is upfront with our pricing and won’t charge you extra for choosing a month to month plan instead of an annual plan. For that same sales team of 10 people that would cost you $9,000 at Oracle, you’ll only pay $600 at Salesflow CRM, but you’ll still get all of the important features you need. Don’t overspend on CRM software, choose Salesflow CRM for your information needs and experience why it’s the best alternative to Oracle CRM On Demand in 2017.

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