Airwheel’s Latest Arrivals – C6/C8 Smart Helmets

Last year Airwheel gave us lots of surprises and brought many practical products like the saddle-equipped electric scooter S8, E3 and R5. Except all the intelligent electric scooters, smart helmets are also showcased on CES. Airwheel released its new arrivals on this year’s CES- C6/C8.

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Helmet, as one of the important protective clothing, can also be intelligent. Airwheel enriches its helmets with multiple functions and they can be applied into several occasions. They are C6  and C8 smart helmets, the new arrivals in Airwheel’s big family that were rolled out one the past CES 2017. On the spot, they were well received. Now, let’s have a look at these two intelligent helmets and see which one will be more suitable for you.

Airwheel C6 in the forthcoming 2017 CES 

Airwheel keeps in mind to design products that can make people’s riding safer and more freely. As mobile devices increasingly changes the world, mobile devices are well connected with daily commuting. And Airwheel intelligent helmet is such a new tech invention equipped with a built-in camera and can do video recording the whole journey intelligently. C6 and C8 intelligent helmets have their own applications. C6 and C8 possess same features and functions.

motorcycle helmet C6 and racing helmet C8 

Equipped with the accompanying smart camera, they enable users to take photos or record videos at all times. Riders are able to take a more relaxing and interesting journey. The built-in mini camera in C6 and C8 helmets is an intelligent photographer that helps to record the images of scenery throughout the whole journey. The Bluetooth transmission technology allows them to answer the calls automatically and listen to their favorite songs. Users won’t miss any calls even if they are in their halfway of outdoor activities. They can be regarded as the protective devices or considered as the entertainment supplement.

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C6 and C8 share most of the features but there are still some differences between them. Speaking of the differences between C6/C8, as mentioned above they are servicing different people. C6 is designed in open face serving for the motorcycle riders while C8 full face helmet is aiming to bring joy and security to people who love to attend kinds of races. The full face design gives racers the most comprehensive protection. In the final analysis, Airwheel C6/C8 have their own merits.

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