Shanghai Metal Announces They Have Developed Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Strip Coils with Highest Degree of Corrosion Resistance

With an objective of supporting different industries, Shanghai Metal Corporation now assures of delivering hot dipped galvanized steel strip and strip coils that feature the highest degree of corrosion resistance, extended durability and long-lasting surface shine.

Shanghai Metal has a capacity of producing about 15,000 tons hot dipped galvanized steel strips per month, and the company spokesperson assures of handling any bulk order from their worldwide industrial clients. Moreover, they have developed steel strips and strip coils of the highest standards that can ensure the production of the best quality products.

The spokesperson reveals that they focus on custom made hot dipped galvanized steel strip production and can supply strips in varied thicknesses, ranging from 0.125mm to 3.0mm. One can also choose the width of the product to get a custom-made dimension. These strips are compliant with the different standards are suitable to be used in a variety of applications across the industries. The spokesperson maintains that one can place orders in different amounts, and they can supply in different coil weights.

Shanghai Metal Announces They Have Developed Hot Dip Galvanized Steel Strip Coils with Highest Degree of Corrosion Resistance

The company specializes in supplying hot dip galvanized steel strip coils that feature a significant tensile strength and are suitable for many applications. The coils also feature a flawless zinc coating that eliminates the chances of rusting and also ensures a spotless shine. They process strip coils through different chemical treatments to ensure that the products are non-reactive to the exposure of different chemicals. This increases the application range of the coils and can be used in many industries.

With their high quality hot dip galvanized steel strips Shanghai Metal focuses on industries that require to improve their product manufacturing process. The product undergoes different surface treatments, such as chemical passivating treatments and oil treatments. A stringent production process and the use of the modern technology enable the company to produce the steel strips with the least chances of forming rusts. The products are durable and maintain their bright and shiny appearance for a longer time.

One can learn more about the specifications and features of the hot dipped galvanized steel strips and strip coils and about their production process by visiting the website

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