A young foreigner puts up a Dashuhua show for a Chinese girl confessing his affection to her

In January 20th, a young fellow Yang from Ukraine came to a Dashuhua theatre of ancient town Nuanquan of Hebei province, putting up a special Dashuhua show especially for his long secretly-loved Chinese girl Xiao Su. Picture shows Yang is performing for Xiao Su, Dashuhua means creating a firework show out of molten iron.

In order to show his love for Xiao Su, Yang goes to Wei county to learn this art from Dashuhua masters as long as he’s got time. “I want to learn how to do it, and I want to put up a show for Xiao Su. Every time she performs, the master performing Dashuhua stands behind her, I want to do this for her, I want her to see this beautiful art,” he says. Picture shows Yang is writing down “I love you” preparing for his confession of love. Photographed by Shen Shi.

At 7 o’clock, 20th, Yang leaving from Beijing with flowers and other gifts wants to give Xiao Su a surprise. Xiao Su’s performance starts in the afternoon, Yang arrived at the theatre earlier writing down “I love you” with a brush pen and planning his confession with other actors. Picture shows Yang’s appearance surprised Xiao Su. Photographed by Shen Shi.

Performance starts, Xiao begins her routine on the stage, then suddenly Yang shows up, giving her a big pleasant surprise. With flowers in Yang’s hands he kneels down confessing his love to her, then he put on his sheepskin coat, holding a large wooden spoon in hand starting to perform Dashuhua for Xiao Su. Picture shows Yang’s confession of love to Xiao Su. Photographed by Shen Shi. 

“I have not expected he would do such a thing for me, I’m deeply moved.” Picture shows Yang and Xiao Su take a photo together. Photographed by Shen Shi. 

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