Man Made Nanomaterials Complete The Mother Nature Job Done With The Cellulose By Creating A Water Resistant Fiber

Nature already produce amazing materials such as cellulose fibers which are used in many industries. Now with the use of nanomaterials and a new process, cellulose fibers can bypass one of the biggest limitation for it use, the susceptibility to moisture, which was limiting the use of cellulose fibers as water softens and damages the fibers.

Madrid, Spain – January 25, 2017 – The use of man made nanomaterials allow the break the natural the constraint of cellulose fibers as Optimasoil demonstrated. Allowing a new type of cellulose fibers to be manufactured through an un-expensive process, the new applications for the modified fibers are endless.

Until now, the use of cellulose fibers was limited to areas where moisture was not present, as water softens the cellulose and produce moldew. For instance, in the road industry the use of cellulose is well stablished but limited to places without moisture on in combination with bitumen to impart the need water resistance.

By mean of a the new, cheap, fast and ecological process, traditional cellulose can be transformed into much more interesting water resistant fiber with interesting mechanical and chemical properties and many more applications as moisture will not be a limiting factor.

Due to the extended properties that the nanomaterials contribute to the cellulose, such a higher oil absorption or resistance to water, the fibers will be a good candidate also for new applications in other industries such as textile, cardboard, pharmaceutical and produce cost saving in the traditional applications.

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Optimasoil is chemical technology company that develop and sell materials for the road industry, with a strong presence in Europe and Latin América, which aims to create new products that allow cost savings and produce increase in the durability of roads.

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