SUXCOM Announces Expansion of Its Media Presence on TV & Online

SUXCOM & its 7 Major Direct Subdivisions Will Continue to Expand & Grow Worldwide

The people of Philadelphia have been wondering just who is the SUXCOM corporation. Research and analysis have revealed some surprising things about this internationally diversified media and intellectual property powerhouse.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA – SUXCOM LLC has announced that it has plans to expand its media presence online and on TV in the year 2017. The online based media and intellectual property corporation has become a talk of the town with everyone talking about it. People in Philadelphia, PA are no different, and they are also wondering about SUXCOM and what it represents. The company operates internationally with a primary focus on network expansion to facilitate exposure for the media and intellectual property the company controls. 

“SUXCOM has plans to expand their media presence online and on TV in 2017,” said an Authorized Representative of SUXCOM. The company was formed on the 10th of January in the year 2011. With a recent launch of its powerful mouthpiece,, the online presence of the company and its subsidiaries is strengthened like never before. The seven major subdivisions are beginning are becoming very active online. These seven direct subdivisions of SUXCOM include The Big Bad Business Bureau, Offend Anybody, Barf Videos, Extra Extra Terrestrials, My Millionaires, I Am A Manly Man, and Kizax.

The Big Bad Business Bureau is a direct subdivision of SUXCOM that supports consumer rights. In addition, Barf Videos specializes in intellectual property and vomit-focused media. Extra Extra Terrestrials deals with media which addresses evidence of unidentified flying objects and extraterrestrial biological entities whereas My Millionaires controls the luxury subdivisions of EMBEZ and EAGKIN which specialize in boutique design and opulence.

I Am A Manly Man is currently the most diversified subdivision of SUXCOM with over twenty subdivisions all focused on masculine media. Kizax handles SUXCOM’s celebrity brand management, media creation, and distribution for SUXCOM. Kizax’s controls Kosovo Radio and The Paparazzi Award. While the seven direct subdivisions continue to diversify and can be accessed on, SUXCOM has plans to expand their subdivisions to include interesting new additions to the SUXCOM family. 

Followed by the tristate area, the recent buzz surrounding SUXCOM in Philadelphia makes it clear that SUXCOM is loved and hated in Philadelphia. It is obvious. It is inevitable. SUXCOM is growing every day and plans to expand the media enterprise are already underway.


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