CFA Security & Low Voltage provides affordable security systems in Atlanta

Crime Fighters of Atlanta (CFA) is the leading provider of business security cameras and access control protection in Atlanta, Georgia. The company offers a variety of advanced security services for businesses which help them in protecting their people, products, and profit from employee misconduct, theft, and vandalism. These advanced security cameras and access control installations come with real-time Smartphone and PC viewing controls.

CFA helps Georgia-based businesses protect their employees, products, and buildings by using professionally installed security cameras, low-voltage wiring, access control services and alarm systems. The company works with an aim to help individuals and business owners in improving profitability and maintaining a secure work environment by preventing intrusion, theft and misconduct.

The security cameras offered by CFA are constructed with advanced technology to fit the requirements of various businesses. During the initial project phase, the company works closely with the business to identify their needs including the unique layout of the business and surveillance requirements.  Afterwards CFA discusses the budget and timeline of installing the cameras. The company professionals come up with the best solution with an affordable price suiting to the needs of the business and they set up a timeline for the installation and project deadline. Usually, the installations can be completed in 1-2 business days and can be scheduled as per the client’s convenience.

The company also commits to providing hassle free after service in case the client needs any assistance related to the project. All the projects by CFA come with a one year warranty for parts and labor. The client also has the option to choose from a variety of camera styles, configurations, security levels, wiring solutions and repair services based on their needs. The standard installation by the company includes a Sony chip 1080 Hi-resolution Night vision IP-based surveillance camera in a dome or Varifocal varieties with a networkable DVR for remote viewing.  

CFA also provides access control solutions for businesses which help them in protecting and managing their employees and preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information. The service can be offered using a wide range of access products such as readers, doors, and keypads. The client can choose from stand-alone protection or hosted and managed access control. The stand alone protection is suitable for small or medium size businesses as it provides an access keycard or ID number to gain access to the entry points.  For the large size businesses, hosted and managed access control is the solution as it uses internet and access software platform for providing a greater level of control and management in real time.

CFA is also rated A+ with the BBB and carries a 15 point safety certification with ISN to ensure the technicians are properly trained.

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