Ray Reynolds, the godfather of credit builds over 3.6 billion in credit

Ray Reynolds, a.k.a. the godfather of credit has helped more than 4,000,000 customers and holds over 3.6 billion in credit. Through his website Ray Reynolds survived, he helps individuals and businesses survive their credit difficulties. His company Ray Reynolds associates offer services for credit that ranges from $5,000 to $1,000,000 for corporate credit, business credit, rapid rescore, financial seminars, credit rebuilding and much more.

At present, Ray along with his team has built a whole range of services and programs to help people with credit issues. The specialized programs offered by the company help corporate and other businesses build their credit, for example setting up a corporation, build credit to a million, making the most of the real estate as well as identity theft and credit reports among others.

Using the services offered by the company, the client can understand the best way to enhance their corporate credit score which will help them in establishing corporate credit regardless of their personal credit. They can also invest in real estate to increase their assets and credit rating for the business. The required tactics for these things are understood well by Ray and his team, using which they assist their customers in increasing their credit score.

The four types of Master program offered by Ray Reynolds survived can help the customer improve their credit score as per their requirements. The Master’s program 1, for example, can help the client to review and repair their personal credit to a 740 while adding 25k of credit history. This program also includes three private coaching calls, 30 minutes each with Ray Reynolds himself. The Master’s program 2 can help the client build $50,000 of new credit, adding $50k of credit history and similarly Masters program 3 can help them to build a credit history of $100k along with 7 private coaching calls with Rey Reynolds. The Master’s program 4 includes 10 private coaching calls with Ray Reynolds and building $250,000 of new credit.

Ray Reynolds has found this service to help those in financial and credit score troubles. He too has had his fair share of difficulties in life and in fact, he had to beg for food at the age of 3 years. As he turned 5, he started making handmade crackers to earn money for survival. He had a difficult childhood but always went on to made the best out of a situation.

As a young adult, he stepped into the business world and then there was no looking back for him. He found opportunities to work with major companies like IBM, Apple, and Boeing before finally establishing his own business, with a purpose to help others in financial troubles.

More information about his life and credit services can be found on the website www.rayreynoldssurvived.com

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