Socpedia Is the New Software Download Archive That Brings Publishers and Users Closer Together

Socpedia is an online archive dedicated to software downloads that launched on the 12th of January. It has become part of the PHP Shareware community, taking on the same vision and principles in terms of the promotion of software publishers and technologies. The creators of the archive explain that their goal is to build a stronger relationship between software users and publishers by ensuring they only offer the quality shareware and freeware programs.

The idea of shareware hasn’t been properly understood for a long time. Shareware isn’t a reference to a type of software but to how it is marketed and promoted. Someone gives the software a try before they purchase it, which is why it has also often been referred to as “try-before-you-buy” software.

The goal of the company is to establish a bond directly between end-users and publishers of the software, which will make the companies more visible as well as increasing the awareness of the products they create. Thus, users will be in a better position to choose the product that suits them best while staying on top of the latest and most popular programs and updates. They’ll also be able to leverage the experiences of other users with certain software programs, which will make things even easier for them.

This new platform has achieved a successful combination between an e-commerce store, a library program archive and a site for web downloads. The archive has been organized effectively into categories that were defined by a person rather than being generated automatically. The search engine is powerful and has been thought out well, which means that customers can easily and quickly find what they need simply by searching for the features they require.

The Socpedia archive can filter software programs by publisher as well as category. Thus, every publishing company has a dedicated page so that their products are easier to access. Thanks to this structure, users also have the possibility of choosing the best publishing companies for themselves. Publishers from all over the planet can submit new programs thanks to the features that are PAD enabled.

Tracie William, the co-founder of the archive, explained that while software is something a lot of people hate, no one can really live without it. After all, it runs a wide range of things in our lives, from computers to game consoles and phones to washing machines. Thus, according to William, Socpedia seeks to make it easier for users to find the software they are looking for but they also offer assistance besides the software they offer and ensure that they only promote quality products.

Socpedia is a new platform providing downloads of freeware and shareware software, including security programs, audio, privacy software, web and desktop apps, video and much more. The company founders have computer science and engineering backgrounds and have worked in business performance and business intelligent management projects as well as in desktop and web relational database solutions. 

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