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January 25, 2017 – The one critical requirement of today’s forex traders is a reliable source of independent and unbiased information. Since the always volatile market is inundated with inaccurate and often biased views and opinions, FX Trading Revolution, an online forex website, is filling the gap by bringing all essential tools and knowledge at the fingertips of forex brokers and traders.

Forex trading attracts both the wannabe and the professionals alike with its lucrative potential. But like other trading avenues, it takes sound knowledge of fundamentals and cutting edge tools of trade to make it big. FX Trading Revolution now offers abundant education, the best forex indicators, trading rooms, interactive forum and more to make it an indispensable site for anyone interested in forex.

It’s often seen that forex education is influenced by affiliate partners and other parties. Broker reviews too ignore the fact that most brokers aren’t interested in the profits of their clients. The tools of forex trade, such as indicators and charts are also dispersed and not available at one place. FX Trading Revolution has broken away from the current state with unbiased and impartial tips and strategies and honest reviews of forex brokers. There is truth about forex trading and brokers that one should ever know, and insights that are meant to make forex traders truly profitable.

FX Trading Revolution has also done the remarkable feat of offering, at one place, all essential tools and indicators for forex traders. There are free spread indicators that measure real spread cost, a highly robust CCI indicator, inside information on markets, and a unique and live trading room with advanced charts, analytical tools, economic calendar and position sizing calculators, all for free. The free and live trading room can also be used by commodity and stock players.

Founded by Ryan Leclercq, who holds over 12 years of hard earned experience in real financial markets trading, FX Trading Revolution was created to be the only place that forex traders would need to visit in order to become profitable traders without paying for it. The indicators offered at the site are time tested and are being used by their own in-house team for many years.

“FX Trading Revolution is a free and independent source of forex training, insider know-how, strategies and forex indicators that you can use immediately in your trading. Our aim is to offer for free everything that is needed to trade profitably in forex,” said Ryan Leclercq, Founder, FX Trading Revolution.

About FX Trading Revolution

The FX Trading Revolution website was founded in order to provide relevant and fair information about Forex trading. Our visitors always get 100% true information about financial markets. Forex education and insider know-how, TOP forex indicators, live forex charts, forex brokers reviews, forex forum, and much more! All in one place!

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