AlphaZeta Introduces its Flagship Garlic Press n’ Garlic Peeler Tube Set for Design Conscious Kitchenware Lovers

CANADA – AlphaZeta, an upcoming kitchenware company recently added the innovative ‘AlphaZeta Garlic Press and Peeler Tube Set’ to its long line of products. Existing users have reportedly appreciated their love for the garlic press/ mincer as a state of the art product that helps save time and achieve finesse altogether.

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Though this spick and span garlic press may appear similar to ordinary presses already available on the market, looks can be a bit deceiving or intimidating at times. Unlike its rivals, the AlphaZeta Garlic Press and Peeler were made by a bunch of kitchenware lovers for people who specifically prefer using high-quality products without any compromise or whatsoever.

More so, the company is already engaged in creating several other products to offer a unique experience befitting of a design conscious customer in particular. The garlic press is a blend of looks, sleek innovation, sturdy quality, and presentation. It follows the FDA standards to help meet safety regulations and offers a certain ergonomic aspect which has aided in peeling garlic or a certain number of vegetables quite effectively.

The key features of AlphaZeta Garlic Press and Peeler are reportedly highlighted by new and existing customers as:

• State of the art design and outstanding quality.
• 100% safe FDA approved rating, with 304-grade stainless steel build.
• Dust, water and dishwasher resistant material to help maintain long shelf life.
• A great gift for homemakers and professional chefs alike.

AlphaZeta is committed to taking feedback on its existing line of products for customers. This has helped the company to develop and create a handy kitchenware that exceeds client expectations easily. Above all, the garlic peeler is backed up by a 100% hassle free money back guarantee to help reduce any risk factor at clients’ end.

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About AlphaZeta:

Soon after its inception, AlphaZeta received an immense amount of glowing reviews from customers on a wide scale. The company owes it to a team of ingenious minds who believe that design and innovation were key elements that the kitchenware industry still lacks to this day. AlphaZeta intends to maintain a strong foothold by offering top quality products and distinctive features that are worthy of client expectations from long-term business perspective.

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