Illinois Parents Can Help Prevent Teen Substance Abuse

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There is enough documented research to show that kids avoid using drugs because they do not want to disappoint their parents

This proves that parents have a strong influence over their teen’s actions. This is one of the reasons that it is so important for parents to build strong bonds with their children. The earlier the bond-building starts, the better. It is not as difficult to do as it might see. It really has to do with the level of communication and a parent’s commitment to remaining drug or alcohol free. It is difficult to expect something of someone that you are not willing to do yourself. That being said, consider the following ways to help prevent teen substance abuse in Illinois.

1. Communicate, talk to, your kids every day. Find out what is on their mind. Are they having problems with schoolwork? Is there something happening with a friend or relationship that is causing stress?

2. Ask questions that prevent children from simply answering “yes” or “no.” Ask their opinions on family and other important matters. Include them in the decision making process. Fourth grade, and even earlier, is when they begin to feel pee pressure. Make sure you are aware of this time period, and that you monitor things very closely. Listen to what your children have to say, but do not preach them. Stand your ground and be firm.

3. Find the time to spend with your children doing something they love to do each day. This gets you involved in their life at the grass-roots level. This also means that you will need to put rules in place. Do not give into the fear that children will revolt against rules. Everyone has to abide by certain rules.

4. Show your children different ways how to approach and solve problems. Managing stress is sure road to preventing the need to use drugs as an alternative. Talk to your children about the irresponsible behavior they may see or hear in music or at the movies.

5. By all means make sure you own words match your actions. If you smoke, drink, or do drugs, your admonishments may be falling on deaf ears. Never forget that you set the example for how your children will behave and approach life.

6. It is also important to know who your children’s friends. Peer pressure has cause a lot of youth to fall by the way. Kids abuse drugs to appear cool, to fit in, to rebel against their parents, and for numerous other reasons. They may be dealing with depression, or anxiety.

There is no substitute for communicating with your children and showing that you love them. As parents, make sure you are on the same page. Work together so that children cannot play one parent against the other.

If your teen shows sign of an addiction, get help immediately. A life is a terrible thing to waste. Rehab can treat addiction and help parents and their children understand and avoid the triggers that lead to addiction.

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