EverLesson: Solving Membership Problems For Marketers in Affiliate Marketing

After the success of the first version of EverLesson – the software produces engaging, highly profitable membership sites. Karthik Ramani and Chad Nicely has just launched a second edition that has more Gamification features and allows marketers to issue badges and points to their audience.

EverLesson is an ultimate solution for user’s membership demands. This tool is the result of a vibrant Facegroup community of members whose popular requests were translated into a platform.

Have a look at some unique features packed into EverLesson:

• Create membership sites: Keeping a finger on a button, users can invent many membership sites and add many products to each membership.         

• Choose from a variety of custom themes: Just conduct the same theme changing out process in WordPress, users can have many beautiful themes contained inside EverLesson.

• Create master templates by customizing process: User has abilities in both of swapping out their theme and customizing the new theme to their liking.

• Add many products membership: After creating the membership and master templates, users can add an unlimited amount of products to the membership and easy manage those products.

• Based out of a library storage system: One thing users will appreciate with this platform is that they can load their media, resource, rewards into libraries. Users are also able to retrieve those items from their libraries. 

• Keep the members engaged by Gamification: Users can create goals, assign points, rewards, and so much more with  this powerful feature. Something that was a very complicated process was made very simple to implement.

• The most advanced monetization platform: Some options for user’s monetization are packed into EverLesson. They also have its setup so users can laser focus on their target pages. 

• A complete control in the membership: Users are in control of this advanced and flexible membership platform. They can manage how the features are being used.

• The aim to help the end user get rapid setup instantly: Users are going to see exactly how they’re able to get the fast installation. Once they have their base structure, then they can go further with their site options.

• Instantly create a sales page with the help of every single product: This platform supports the sales pages which are generated immediately, and then users can easily make profits.

• EverLesson contains every type of payment integration: Getting paid is a vital part of the process. The company decided to add different types of payment integration to help many payment processors, even including Infusionsoft.

• A build in affiliate platform: Once users get their membership and products setup, EverLesson does not let members sell it as an affiliate. It has their affiliate program built into user’s websites.

is a good chance for those who did not purchase the first version of the platform because Karthik Ramani and Chad Nicely are running a special course named MemberShip Mastery that allows users to have some useful sources such as agency website, sales webinar, branded fan page and branded group.

EverLesson also comes with a dedicated team including many certified consultants. They are always ready to support and teach users how to solve membership demands and enhance their affiliate business.

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