“The “Force” is Real – It is in you, and all around you now as you read this.”
Science and innovation come from the private sector. Google, iPods, LCD, Tesla who invented WiFi. In 2017 Quantum science will introduce more innovation to Trump all, including the DPI. Quantum water connects with human DNA and the Magnetic Field of The Planet. Profound new global eBook “The Force Is In You” Explains the new era of technology quantum science.

The big science is in the private sector, with new inventions like Quantum Water. World famous scientists Dr. Vladimir Poponin who has now discovered human DNA has it’s own individual magnetic field and past names like Nikola Tesla who claimed the field is dynamic and gives life to everything. The eBook “The Force Is In You” tells todays good news of what is now being discovered as true and it is creating attention of people all around the world. Author, Ethan Carter says “Magnetic’s will be a catalyst for advancement in water, technology, and human biology”. The book highlights the invisible magnetic field of Earth, and a constant 24/7 transmission of data through the field to trillions of receptors on the skin of a human being. Question is… What is the message in the data?

From first to last breath of life Humans are constantly connected to the field, and the data stream of the magnetic field, like a computer connects to Wi-fi for data and a cell phone connects to the nearest tower. According to Mr. Carter, Author of The Force Is In You the magnetic field is so vital to human life support, that when NASA astronauts went into deep space beyond the field of Earth, their bones lost density and their bodies started failing, so they had to return to the Earth’s magnetic field or die. Without the field Earth would be likened to Mars and life on Earth the same.

The concept of quantum water started like anything else, with one persons idea. A Los Angeles Organic coffee shop wanted to make a better organic gourmet coffee and espresso. The entrepreneur applied energy to water and in 2012 created Quantum water. Several years later applying energy to water was recognized by physicists from Oxford and UCL London in a published 2016 science paper. In 2016 the company Best Roast Coffee (BRC) capitalized on their invention and opened 60 organic gourmet coffee locations in 10 months, and quickly became the “magnetic brand” behind the national grocery shops daily made to order espresso. The success of the coffee, lead to the book “The Force Is In You”, now on sale all around the planet.

The Force Is In You details how Earth’s magnetic field affects everything and transmits data to all things on the planet, including trees and animals and humans. Animals are known to use magnetic fields for guidance, and Mr. Carter says his goal is to show how humans can also harness magnetics to their benefit, whether it is to help their businesses or to improve their overall quality of health.

For example, the Non-Fiction book claims magnetized water has health benefits such as helping to enhance humans’ magnetic field, which can help with preventing heart disease and other common health problems. Mr. Carter explains in the book that doctors see the human heart as an electromagnetic organ, and that applying this understanding to magnetics, the logical conclusion is that heart disease — the leading cause of death — is due to a failure of a human’s magnetic field and not disease at all. Using magnetics to strengthen the field is seen as a way to cut this risk. This invisible magnetic energy is how the planet is run, it brings life to all matter. and adds life to food and beverages, according to the book. Although the magnetic field is invisible like the air or a computer’s WiFi signal, it plays the same role by breathing life into the human body, the original organic living super computer, Mr. Carter says he hopes that readers will gain an understanding of how they can benefit from magnetics to improve all aspects of their life.

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