Rotation Manager: Student Nurse Scheduling Software to Track Rotations, Meet Standards and More

Benefits for Nursing Students, Hospitals, and Schools

Scheduling rotations for nursing students is one of the most challenging tasks encountered by nursing schools and hospitals. Scheduling errors create many difficulties, such as lack of coverage for patients, failure to meet standards for the hospital, shortage of hours for the nursing student, as well as complications for the nursing school. Rotation Manager ( is a student nurse scheduling solution that is cloud-based, and benefits each person and institution involved in the rotation scheduling process.

It offers everything needed for clinical rotations including:

• Tracking Rotations
• Meeting Requirements on Time
• Ability to Upload Schedules and Hours from a Mobile Device
• Order Background Checks
• Order Drug Screenings
• Get Job References

Rotation Manager’s student nurse scheduling solution is user-friendly and includes a mobile web-app that allows nursing students to access information about their shifts, instructors, and more right from their mobile device. Students can also request that hospital educators refer them for jobs to hospital HR departments in which their rotations take place.

Nursing students benefit from an online clinical journal which allows them to take notes on their clinical experiences, and also permits them to provide feedback to their instructors. They can also request and store electronic letters of recommendations from their instructors in a built-in vault.

Rotation Manager is a user-friendly solution that makes the challenging task of scheduling rotations easier and more efficient.  Utilizing Rotation Manager is one of the easiest ways to prevent compromised compliance standards and eliminate inefficient rotation scheduling.

The many benefits offered by Rotation Manager have helped many Allied Nursing programs reduce the amount of paperwork that added to their problems, and has also helped eliminate audit failure. Centralizing documents in a secure location that can be accessed by all parties makes it easier to keep track of all the important documentation required at every step of the process.

Hospitals and schools that use Rotation Manager agree that they have strengthened the affiliations between all parties involved in scheduling rotations.

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About Rotation Manager

Rotation Manager ( is an award-winning clinical compliance solution that makes it simple for allied health and nursing programs to keep track of records and schedule rotations. It is accessible by hospitals, schools, and nursing students in an easy-to-use, online format. Users can order drug screenings, track expiring documents, meet requirements on time and schedule rotations without the use of spreadsheets.

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