Amazing New Category of Chocolate to be Excited About

QUEENS, NY – 26 Jan, 2017 – Ridgewood Chocolate announced production of fresh roasted chocolate with an industry first, a ‘Roasted:’ date printed on the front label of the chocolate bar. This feature guarantees you will always have the freshest chocolate available anywhere. The company’s business in Queens, NY, is creating dark chocolate with two ingredients: cacao beans and sugar of molasses.

Each chocolate bar, hand-wrapped in foil, retails for $5.00.

The Food of the Gods

Owner, Constantine said, “The Mayan civilization called cacao ‘the food of the gods,’ honoring the cacao god. The term had a literal as well as a spiritual meaning. The Aztecs used cacao beans as currency, food, and drink.”

Constantine wants to share the many health benefits of their chocolate:

• It releases happiness cells in your brain;

• stimulates your blood vessels to relax;

• raises your HDL, and protects LDL;

• is a day-long appetite satisfier;

• improves insulin sensitivity;

• protects against sun-induced skin damage;

• improves your mental ability and verbal fluency; and

• eaten every day, lowers your risk of heart disease by 57%.

Dark chocolate contains soluble fibers, iron, magnesium, potassium, and selenium. Chocolate also contains stimulants caffeine and theobromine.

Ridgewood Chocolate offers a variety of dark chocolate bars, including: plain, garlic, sea salt, bacon, peppercorn, pistachio, and cashew.

Beware Good chocolate is not easy to find

Not all chocolates are created equal. To derive the benefits we listed, you need to choose chocolate with 70% or higher cacao. Chocolate improves your health mainly because of flavanoids. Beware, some manufacturers remove flavanoids, due to their bitter taste, without disclosing this on their label.

Milk chocolate contains more fat and sugar and less cacao, which reduces the benefits of chocolate.

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