New Book, “Naughty Betrayals”, Reveals The Sweet-Bitter Taste Of Infidelity

How a good marriage turns sour when wife looks out for a fresh romantic experience.

26 January, 2017 – Entrepreneur and prolific novel writer, Rick Brim proudly announces the release of his new book “Naughty Betrayals.” “Naughty betrayals” is an erotic centered book which unravels how ignored minor details in a relationship can turn out to be a monster problem, ferment trouble and expose the household to the sweet but cold hands of infidelity.

Laced with suspense and romance, and a deep spiritual twist, the book is centered around a loving couple, Karen, and Eric. Karen and Eric are a married multi-millionaire couple that is destined for success in every aspect, at least until the gorgeous wife, Karen, expects something more than her husband is prepared to give.  Throughout the journey of the marriage, there are unforgettable hot and steamy erotic scenes that will make your thighs quiver and sweat as you reach for your vibrating toy.

The book can be purchased at, and at Barnes & Nobel.

The book plays around how people have been betrayed and denied by those they once trusted. When relationships become compromised, people will definitely lose their identity and morals, all in the attempt to get what they want in life by any means possible.

The realism of the dialogue  in the book will definitely  make anyone  laugh and cry as well as get inspired. There are twisted turns that will get any reader intrigued while reading the book, and gasp for breath when it is discovered what Karen is willing to do to get her way.

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Rick Brim is a successful entrepreneur and a freelance novel writer. He is presently the CEO of his business consulting company. Rick has traveled tremendously, experiencing different countries and their cultures. He enjoys providing an entertaining and inspirational reading for women, helping take charge of their lives.

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