Daisy Yoga Founder Announces Office Yoga Teacher Training

New training created in partnership with the Yoga in the Office Guides and Instructors Association and OfficeYoga.com

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA – Lauren Coles, founder of Daisy Yoga, is thrilled to announce that she has developed Office Yoga Teacher Training in conjunction with the Yoga in the Office Guides and Instructors Association and OfficeYoga.com. The new training will help yoga instructors earn better income by introducing them to a new industry while teaching them yoga and meditation skills that have research-based positive results in workplace environments.

Coles is a Huffington Post contributor and was recently featured in Complex Hustle. As the CEO of Daisy Yoga, she saw her small office yoga operation earn nearly $80,000 last year – all while she worked less than 20 hours per week. She decided to share this model with other yoga teachers in her network to help them boost their incomes. Coles leveraged her MA in Education and 5 years of classroom teaching expertise to design the Office Yoga Teaching Training. The program is designed around leading-edge research and offers a mix of building skills to start an office yoga business and building sequences for creating the most benefit in the workplace.

During her first year in the field, Coles earned $18,000 per year teaching two hour-long yoga classes per week at a large tech company in New York City, and Daisy Yoga was born. In 2012, she was able to quit her teaching position to focus solely on her business and a larger goal: focus more of her time on teaching yoga to teens with disabilities. By teaching office yoga, Coles could live the life she wanted while helping others.

Maryam Sharifzadeh, CEO at OfficeYoga.com, made $31,000 her first year working 5 hours per week at a few different tech companies in San Francisco her first year. Office Yoga began with a single client in 2012, but the idea became concrete as Sharifzadeh left her job as a wellness coordinator at UC Berkeley to grow her company. Office Yoga brings yoga to the community while creating more job opportunities for yoga teachers.

Both Coles and Sharifzadeh are on the board of the Yoga in the Office Guides and Instructors Association (YOGIA), and they aim to advance the office yoga industry. Corporations are rethinking their wellness budgets now that the public is becoming more open to mind-body practices like meditation and yoga.

Office Yoga Teacher Training will teach yoga instructors key skills proven to improve productivity and decrease pain due to the sedentary lifestyle experienced by today’s workforce. Both yoga teachers and companies can benefit from the growth of the yoga office industry.

San Francisco-based OfficeYoga.com will be offering California’s first YOGIA certification course, a 20-hour program that will add graduates to the national database of approved office yoga teachers.

YOGIA is the national resource and connector for providers of office yoga. The organization aims to set a standard for in-office yoga and meditation through a board of physicians and professionals in the field of yoga and corporate wellness services. YOGIA aims for all teachers trained in office yoga to be approved as Alternative Medicine Providers, similar to acupuncture and chiropractors, by medical insurance companies. Graduates of the program will possess the resources and education to help thousands of people suffering the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle.

About Daisy Yoga

Daisy is New York City’s very first office yoga company, offering expert yoga instructors who offer employees meditation and relief from chronic pain.

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