AWS Solar Assert Their Solar Los Angeles Superiority

Sun Valley, CA – Solar panels Los Angeles specialty firm AWS Solar continues to dazzle their clients with top solar energy solutions foundered on their expertise that arises from being Southern California’s pioneer in solar power. They are assisting their clients in implementing efficient energy consumption as they install renewable energy systems that bring a high return on investment.

“Not all solar companies are equal!” says Frank Muntean, AWS solar spokesperson. We sleep, breath and live renewable power and LA solar. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest standards of workmanship and design. Our partners, our skills, experience, and staff members allow us to offer efficient and environmentally friendly solar power to homeowners.”

For property owners considering solar Los Angeles solutions, a checklist of issues to think about is necessary. At the top of this list should be figuring out how much electrical energy property is consuming. This should cover a period of a few months to a year. The figure will arise from records of bills paid to local utilities and is most likely to be in kilowatt-hours. In general, a photovoltaic system poses as a greater investment option in California when compared to connection to the general grid.

With the determination of kilowatt-hour consumption, a homeowner should compare this with results from a solar energy consumption estimation software. This way, they can get an accurate estimate of how much money they could save with the installation of a solar energy system. These software programs enable the establishment of the value of solar photovoltaic systems for homes. It also enables determination of time needed for a system to cover by itself while determining savings.

A homeowner must evaluate the status of their roof. The age and current condition of a roof are critical in determining whether it is in good enough shape to install solar paneling. There is also the roof positioning and shade issue to think about. A panel needs to have unblocked and very clear access to sunlight throughout the day while remaining away from shade created by trees or other structures. Besides, a system requires abundant space for expansion. Need for extra panels may arise due to changes such as new structure installation, a swimming pool or purchase of a hybrid car that needs regular charging.

There are also solar rebates accessible to homeowners who could claim as much as thirty percent on a new solar system. Various solar panels loan facilities are available too. For more information, anyone can contact AWS with the details listed below. As long as a home is exposed to plenty of sunlight, solar panels are a great and affordable option no matter the location or current energy provider.

AWS Solar is located at 11750 Roscoe Blvd Ste 7 in Sun Valley, CA (91352). The company can be contacted via phone at 818-484-3264 or at their fax at 855-297-7652.

They can also be contacted directly from their website

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Company Name: AWS Solar
Contact Person: Frank Muntean
Phone: 818-484-3264
Address:11750 Roscoe Blvd Ste 7
City: Sun Valley
State: California
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