Go Youth International Stands on the World Stage in the Year of Rooster

On January 23rd, 2017 New York time, Rosa LUO the representative of Go Youth International accepted the interview of Mickey Burns, the famous host of NYC media. Mickey Burns began to host Profiles since 2003, which has been watched by more than a million audiences. Most of the audiences hold unique views and have received higher education.

The interview mainly focused on the macro trend of overseas education, the trend and development factors of Chinese young students studying abroad, and the strategic objectives of Go Youth International.


Facing the rapidly increasing number of Chinese students study overseas, there are three main reasons that drives the increasing parents support their children to study abroad was considered. Firstly, with the rapid development of the macro economy in China, Chinese parents have become more open minded and gradually realized the importance of international education nowadays.

Secondly, they begin to deeply think how to enhance their children’s social competitiveness and how to make their children better integrate into the international community. Finally, to study aboard will provide the student a bigger stage to discover their talent and prepare to be a global citizen. According to the relevant data in 2015, about 45,000 Chinese students study in American high schools, with a year-on-year growth of 23.5%. The rising numbers draw the attention of American schools, media and the society.

However, when it comes to the pain points of the oversea study of those young students, Go Youth believes that most parents concern the life adaptation and study status of their underage children. The most issues concerned by parents are further illustrated, such as children’s safety, follow up of children’s study and life situations, children’s self-discipline and the ability to adapt to the environment, as well as asymmetric school selection information.

As one of the important participant, builder, and contributor of the current international education system, Go Youth has always acted the pioneer in international education industry, and adhering to the purpose that taking the core values as “connect, care, and commit” to all families.

As the largest city in the United States, New York integrates multi-ethnic culture and academics achievement. At the beginning of the year of rooster, Go Youth stands at the crossroad of the world—New York Times Square, expecting more people to understand our vision and goals and to strive together to cultivate the next generation and train the global citizens, and sending the blessings of the Chinese New Year to every corner of the world.

Go Youth Global Education

All students are unprocessed jade needs to be discovered and carved to develop their talents and potentials where individualized education program need to be formulated. Go Youth will identify students’ advantages and characteristics through its unique scientific identification system of education advantages and formulate customized overseas study and school selection programs.

Go Youth obtained professional and strong consulting and advisory team, and firmly believes that “real experience” is the best coach. All team members are graduated from top overseas schools and have well management experience in the world Top 500 Companies, and also including experts in psychological counseling to our students.

Go Youth is committed to offer the best advice to students and providing a comprehensive tracking service, regular feedback reports to parents, and to build the bridge of connection between parents and children, so that students can feel intimate caring from the home outside the home.

Video Link: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ4NzI4Mjg4OA==.html

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