Achieving the Maximum with ‘One Exercise Solution: Maximum Results with Minimum Effort’, a Minimalist Approach to Elderly Fitness

New York, NY – Seniors and the elderly have always been puzzled by the question: which exercises should I choose for my fitness routine? ‘One Exercise Solution:: Maximum Results with Minimum Effort’, a new book by Bill Gallagher, one of the leading experts on integrative rehabilitation, reveals the simplest and easiest way to yield maximum results.

‘One Exercise Solution: Maximum Results with Minimum Effort’, shows how to enhance senior fitness without spending hours in the gym. Elderly exercises can produce good effects with  just one key exercise that requires no equipment, just a chair. It also removes the usual barriers that keep seniors from getting all the benefits that exercise is known to deliver, such as time constraints or lack of motivation.

The book employs the ‘One Exercise’ solution aimed at delivering maximum results from minimum effort, with all the details explained in ten easy to follow chapters. Readers will love expert tips on topics they have always struggled with, such as breathing to maximize muscle power, what to do with the mind while exercising to get all the benefits of meditation, how to make exercises easier and how much to do before resting. The chapter on cultivating the “exercise habit” will keep this from being another “false start” and make exercise consistent.

If seniors find themselves stuck in a chair all day long, this is the book they have always wanted. The One Exercise solution has been formulated by Bill Gallagher, PT, CMT, CYT, to ensure no day is ever lost or wasted. Bill is a foremost authority on holistic/integrative/mind-body and complementary rehabilitation.

As the director of the East West Rehabilitation Institute, and the Master Clinician in Integrative Rehabilitation at Mount Sinai Medical Center, Bill has integrated holistic and therapeutic traditions of the East (Tai Chi, Qigong, Yoga) with the somatic therapies of the West (Conventional Therapeutic Exercise, Feldenkrais, Alexander, Osteopathy). At practice, he has helped a wide range of clients minimize pain and promote function, including those with severe disabilities and elite performers.

“Bill Gallagher has boiled his 20-plus years of experience as a physical therapist into this pertinent, authoritative, easy to read and implement book,” says Richard Sabel OTRL, GCFP, MPH.

Senior or geriatric fitness can be achieved with uncomplicated, intuitive and effective ways.‘One Exercise Solution: Maximum Results with Minimum Effort’ is now available as a Kindle e-book and a print-on-demand edition.

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