Sedna International release details why businesses should be exporting to the chinese market

With China growing at faster rate than any other economy across the globe, selling your product/service to China could become a great place to sell as Chinese consumers start to opt Western shopping values. Sedna International could be the way to get access to this market as they proudly offer a team of experts who know he Chinese market and have been successfully helping companies across the glob to do just this.

January 26th 2017

The Chinese market has been growing at a tremendous growth and as a result with has lead to Western Influences. There are various online Chinese channels where you can sell your products to the Chinese market including AliExpress, Wish, Sunning and many other ecommerce sites. In addition to this there are number of other selling platforms that can be used to gain access to the Chinese market.

Sedna International can help companies gain access to the Chinese market through their extensive network and resources. Their services include the branding & designing of your products/services, legality services including import licenses for product ranges, a distribution centre both in China and Europe as well as a managed call centre for day-to-day activities, thus allowing exporting for companies a lot easier to conquer.

Sedna International have experienced teams that will give your company all the required knowledge you need to make your business successful in the right areas with the right people.

“China needs to be studied and understood to be a successful market” a spokesperson for the company said. “Our team have 25 years experience in this area and understand the local attitudes and cultures of the Chinese people. We are devoted to helping companies understand them to so they can sell to China”.

The company are offering free consultations now for companies looking to expand their sales and get involved within the Chinese Market.

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