Reaching New Heights, Business Coach Shelley Mitchell Is Brokering Success

Helping clients create and execute a focused plan for success, Shelley Mitchell of My Personal Business Coach brings her experience to the table, motivating clients to increase profits and reach new professional heights.

As a business coach, Shelley Mitchell of My Personal Business Coach ( is adept at helping smart, driven, and creative entrepreneurs realize their true potential.

Focusing on helping develop, employ, and maintain a healthy business plan, Mitchell is able to facilitate greater professional success for each of her clients. Also a certified Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) coach, Mitchell is well aware of the challenges that stressed and overwhelmed entrepreneurs face in an ever-changing business landscape.

“I am an expert at helping [clients] get unstuck, unstressed, and out of overwhelm so they can create a plan, focus on their priorities, get into action and make more money to reach their dreams and goals,” Mitchell says.

With her help, Mitchell says, her clients are able to: increase revenue, determine clarity of mission, make an impact via strategic marketing initiatives, create a focused and incisive business plan, and implement new systems that ease their lives and eliminate stress.

Co-author of a number of books with her son, Mitchell thrives when helping others succeed in business.

“Some [clients] have become national speakers, put on retreats, planned their own events, built profitable businesses, rolled out patented products, published books, become ordained ministers,” Mitchell says. “The most rewarding piece of my business, personally, is seeing clients have thriving businesses and making more money.”

According to Mitchell, one client came to her after struggling to turn a greater profit running a well-established, fifteen-year-old business. After working with Mitchell and implementing her plan, the client was able to increase revenues by $2,000 per month, a boost that continued for the next six months.

“Within the 30 days of working with me, we had restructured her business and created packages and services [that] eliminated a lot of busywork,” Mitchell says.

A former Army Sergeant with two combat patches, Mitchell, a single mother, was featured as the first subject of Cosmopolitan Magazine’s series titled “Fun, Fearless Females”.

Mitchell attributes much of her success to her desire to set the best example for her son.

“One of the most rewarding days I have had recently involved being able to drive to the university campus with my son the day after he got his acceptance letter,” Mitchell says. “I was able to take the time off from work because I have worked my butt off with this business. I am able to set an example for my son and give him the time I never was able to give him before.”

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