Sheen Genie Provides Metal Polish Products that Leave No Residue or Scratches

Sheen Genie is a maker and seller of a range of metal polish products that are based on an advanced water-based formula that leaves no residue, which means no buffing necessary, and no scratches on metal surfaces. The range of cleaners and solutions include the polish cleaner, sealer repellent, severe corrosion and rust remover, and much more.

The clear USP that separates Sheen Genie’s products from other competing metal polishes is their advanced water-based formula, which contains no chemicals such as wax, rough rouge, petroleum or oils that tend to make buffing necessary leading to scratches on the surface of metals.

As a result, Sheen Genie is easy to use, involving only a single application of polish and cleaner that causes a quick chemical reaction, which removes the oxidation without leaving scratches that cause the metal’s outer protective layer to be removed.  In addition, one application of sealer and repellent after polishing adds another protective layer onto the metallic surface. This gives the metal an ultra-gloss finish that lasts for up to six months even in extreme cold and heat.

Another benefit of Sheen Genie is that it can be used for a wide range of metals including chrome, stainless steel, aluminum, copper, gold, and brass, and can be applied to cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats, and metal furnishings and objects. The product can also be used to remove and protect against rust, tarnishing, bluing and discoloration, road and sea salt, oxidation, and much more.

The effective and yet chemical free formula has made the product a great success and has resulted in many positive customer reviews. For example, a customer commented, “So… Sheen Genie. Had this on [my Corvette] for over a month now. First, the all metal polish and cleaner, then a coat of protectant and sealer… All I’ve done this since is just a quick wipe down with a clean terry cloth. I am amazed by this stuff. I love it!”

Sheen Genie has experienced unprecedented growth in market share and sales as a result of the products excellent reputation, and by working with one of the top chemists in the US to develop the most technologically advanced metal polish in the world.

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