January 28, 2017 – New York, USA – Author/Relationship Expert, the founder of L.A.M.E 1, is currently offering a new book that reveal to lovers types of boards games that will keep their love relationship blooming. The book is called “L.A.M.E. 1 Adult Board Game Libido Zone” and it offers information on various types of board games that lovers can utilize to increase their love for each other. Lovers should know that games are something played for fun and having a love/relationship expert guide them is necessary.

Choosing the Right Game at the right time for couples/lovers is important. One of the positive side effects of playing board games is laughing. Laughing has been shown to increase endorphins; those are chemicals that bring up the feeling of happiness. Sharing laughter and fun can promote empathy, compassion and trust with others.

Playing games with your lover is a perfect way to spend time together and build learning skills at the same time. Playing a board game after a dinner is an excellent way for lovers to get closer to each other.

LIONNEL wrote this book to help lovers spend time together by playing different types of board games at the right time. Readers will understand in clear language (L.A.M.E. 1 Libido Zone talk) for the Amorous Amour Board Game Libido Zone, how to play them and how to determine the best type of board game to play at the right time. The readers will learn in this book all the games in the Board Game Libido Zone which include: L.A.M.E.1 BACKGAMMON, L.A.M.E.1 BATTLESHIP, L.A.M.E.1 CHECKERS, L.A.M.E.1 CHESS, L.A.M.E.1 CHUTES AND LADDERS, L.A.M.E.1 CHINESE CHECKERS, L.A.M.E.1 DOMINOES, L.A.M.E.1 GO, L.A.M.E.1 LIFE, L.A.M.E.1 MANCALA, L.A.M.E.1 MONOPOLY, L.A.M.E.1 OTHELLO, L.A.M.E.1 RISK, L.A.M.E.1 STRATEGO, L.A.M.E.1 UNO, and L.A.M.E.1 YAHTZEE. The readers will learn how to play all the above board games and the right time to play them.


Every lover needs to spend time together, and using (L.A.M.E. 1 Adult Board Game Libido Zone talk) is one of the best option(s) out there! This (self help) lovers/couple book teaches (through some of) the best board game(s).

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L.A.M.E 1 means Love and Making Expert, It is an organization that promote more than Love and relationship through Books, Journals, etc.

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