Ziv’s workout announce extreme heat resistant 932˚F BBQ gloves

Protects hands against the heat of grilling, cooking, fireplace and oven mitts

Today, Ziv’s Workout is proud to announce their extreme heat resistant BBQ gloves. The product offer protection from extreme heat during activities like cooking, fireplace, smoking, pizza ovens, grilling, etc. No more burns and pain to your hands or fingertips, which can turn your favorite pastime into a disaster. The product comes with a 5-finger flex-grip construction. It is flexible, offer up to 932˚F heat protection and resistance, highly convenient and is made with the finest quality material.

The product can be purchased via the Amazon store at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01LZLUGDI

“It hurts like hell when you burn your hands during your favorite pastime. Our extreme heat resistant product will protect your hand and save you all the unnecessary stress, pain, and suffering. It is made from high-quality material and is EN407 certified. Your cooking experience will never be the same again, we guarantee,” said Ziv Hal, CEO.

The BBQ glove is built for smooth movement, and the snug fit makes it convenient to hold anything firmly. The interior is constructed with breathable cotton, while the exterior is made with aramid fiber that prevents heat from penetrating. Also, the interior is very cozy, built to allow air circulation and prevent sweating in the hands. It is suitable for grilling, heating, pizza ovens or even any other activities that involve excess heat that can burn the hands. You can use it for cooking in the kitchen, to protect your hands when cooking for the family, guests or by a chef in a restaurant. You can also use it when smoking in the garden or when using pizza ovens.

“I can now grill, and burn things without coming back with burn marks! When using them indoors, I have to give myself some extra time to put gloves on but well worth the time, cause my basic oven mitts always tend to slip, and I get burned! I like that they are gloves versus a pad. It protects my entire hand and part of my arm,” said Jeanette A, a customer.

The BBQ gloves also come with bonus bear claws that make meat handling easy and fun. It offers the fullest extreme heat protection that insulates not only palms finger and fingertips but the forearm as well. They are stretchy, elastic and equipped with silicone grips that promote smooth movement.

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