Digital Forensics Market growing at 13.4% CAGR and pegged to touch $2,060.5 million by 2020.

Increased utilization of computers across various industries and for numerous applications, the risk of cyber-crimes has been sharply increased lately. These factors coupled with growing investment have been driving the digital forensics market.

Cyber security is a well-known concept lately owing to the risen risks associated with internet security. Breaches in the internet world today have become common today which has led to an increased importance for the ability in the digital world to be able to detect/track/recover data of all kinds. Here, comes into existence the emerging technology – digital forensics. It is basically a process that enables one to extract evidences through analyzing and evaluating digital data from digital devices such as computers, mobiles, laptops and others. These help in collection, identification, validation and analyzing the digital data that can be used by examiners in finding evidence and to assist digital investigations.

This brilliant idea of data recovery and inspection from the originality in the digital device has been of great importance to the technology and electronics industry. There are different types of tools available for digital forensics such as computer forensics tools, database tools, data analysis tools, mobile forensics tools and others.

Market Scope & Insights:

In the Digital Forensics Market, increasing number of computer related crimes is greatly influencing the demand for developing digital forensics tools for data recovery and data inspection. IT companies and government agencies have been investing huge capital for developing tools and technology; which is expected to continue through 2020, according to IndustryARC.

Both corporate and governmental platforms make use of digital forensics and the trend is growing into a much more prominent one as compared to earlier years. According to the IndustryARC research analysis studies on the Digital Forensics Market, the driving factors of this market are increase in number of digital devices, rapid growth in technology, increase in cyber-crime using digital devices, increasing need for data recovery and growth in usage of cloud computing applications demanding safety measures for data theft and government regulations.

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The maximum application of the digital forensics tools is in federal sector for investigation purposes in the Digital Forensics Market. Cloud computing forensics tools, an emerging segment which will have many applications during 2015-2020. It is expected to grow from USD 1, 097.2 million in 2015 to USD 2,060.5 million in 2020 with a CAGR of 13.4% through 2020.

The Digital Forensics Market is a fast developing market with increasing demand for forensic analysis by forensic investigator for data investigation and data recovery of any system in corporations across the globe. This market is poised to witness high growth owing to the growing investment by companies of IT forensics and mobile forensics tools, growing adoption of cyber forensics and high R&D expenditure for computer forensic tools and network forensics by companies and government agencies in various regions across the globe during 2015-2020.


North America is the leading region in the Digital Forensics Market with many companies in this region investing huge capital for development of the market. High utilization of computers and other network devices and the eventual result of rapid growth of cyber-crimes in this region, continues to boost sales for the global market.

Quality advancements and strict law enforcements in the APAC region are anticipated to provoke healthy growth in the revenue during the forecast period of the global digital forensics market. Next stands Europe which is anticipated to depict health growth due to the use of these tools during the forecast period 2015-2020.

Segmentation Brief:

The Digital Forensics Market is segmented into various categories in the IndustryARC marketing research report by application, tools analysis, by end user type and by geography.

By application: computer forensics, network forensics, mobile device forensics, forensic data analysis and database forensics

Tools analysis: computer forensics, mobile forensics and other tools for forensics

By end user type: Private, Government, Federal and Corporate

By geography: North America, South America, Europe, Asia Pacific and ROW

Key Players Outlook:

Out of more than 40 key players included in this research report on Digital Forensics Market according to the IndustryARC, few are as follows:

  • Accessdata Group, Inc. (Utah, the U.S)

  • Atlantic Data Forensics (the U.S)

  • Binary Intelligence, LLC. (the U.S)

  • CCL Solutions Group Ltd. (U.K)

  • Cellebrite Ltd. (Israel)

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Company Name: IndustryARC
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Phone: 1-614-588-8538 (Ext: 101)
Country: United States