World’s most effective communication encryption security solution is now available Free

LOS ANGELES | NEW YORK | LONDON | SYDNEY | AUCKLAND | HONG KONG – 28 Jan, 2017 – Another significant milestone for SafeSwiss Secure Communications AG, Switzerland today with the release of updates for both Android & IOS that includes QR code for scanning of new contacts.

SafeSwiss™ The world’s most effective communication solution is now available and can be downloaded free from both i-tunes & google play stores.



A recent article featured in highly influential German Focus online outlined key components for a secure messaging/communication platform should include:

1. Servers should be located within Europe

2. End to end encryption

3. No telephone number or email required as a prerequisite for signup

SafeSwiss Secure Communication ticks all the boxes

“SafeSwiss offers incredibly HIGH ENCRYPTION STRENGTH that utilizes state of art elliptic curve cryptography,” says Tim Gallagher CEO of SafeSwiss secure Communications. “Whilst this is a crowded market it’s also very fragmented, most people are completely unaware that many providers within this space only encrypt in transit & anything sent is stored on server unencrypted thus becoming very vulnerable to malicious attack, SafeSwiss provides true end to end encryption & unlike many key providers within this space this includes secure voice communication, In essence SafeSwiss is the total secure communication solution,” says Mr Gallagher.

SafeSwiss™ encrypts ALL your communications END-TO-END including voice calling (P2P), text chat messages, group chats, media files & this includes ephemeral messaging where the user has complete control & can self-destruct any message sent on both the senders & recipients device in a pre-determined time frame from 1 second to 1 x year after being viewed. With SafeSwiss you can be assured that only the intended recipient can read your text chats, listen to your voice calls and that’s absolutely no one – including SafeSwiss

Tim Gallagher says that “SafeSwiss utilizes state of art trusted open source NaCl cryptography library for encryption, all encryption keys are generated and safely stored on user’s devices to prevent any backdoor access or copies without the possibility of any MiM (man in the middle) attack” Another feature of SafeSwiss™ allows users determine if they want to include phone numbers or email to create a SafeSwiss™ ID

This goes a long way to eliminate potential vulnerabilities associated with 2 x factor authentication says Mr Gallagher “Our team is working tirelessly to deliver SafeSwiss™ PC edition that should become available within next week, we have some very exciting developments on our roadmap moving forward this includes video chat & a comprehensive B2B offering.

SafeSwiss ticks all the boxes

SafeSwiss Secure Total End to End Encrypted Communication Solution

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